Victorious, The Breakfast Club & Being Critical

By Christina Dinh

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of Victorious clips recommended to me. They’ve brought me a wave of nostalgia, but hadn’t pushed me to actually revisit the show until I saw a clip from the 2012 episode The Breakfast Bunch – an homage to the movie, The Breakfast Club. I used to be a huge fan of both Victorious and The Breakfast Club. I decided, why not rewatch it? I expected to feel nostalgic and have a few laughs, not to craft an entire analysis on the importance of being critical of the media we consume. Continue reading Victorious, The Breakfast Club & Being Critical

Info Post – Learning Livestreams With CCGSD And More!

The CCGSD (Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity) is offering livestreamed equity programming and free conferences that might be exciting additions to your classes (Queer History anyone?!) Check out the dates and times below, but you can also contact them to arrange a time/date that works for you. See contact info below.
Continue reading Info Post – Learning Livestreams With CCGSD And More!

Open Clubs This Year At Richview

If you are new to Richview this year or just looking to make more friends, we have compiled a list of clubs that are currently open and running. We spoke to club presidents and executives and asked them what they had to say about their club. There are a variety of clubs running this year and we hope that by reading the information below, it might pique your interest to join something new. Continue reading Open Clubs This Year At Richview

The “Troubled Teen” Industry

By Mona Urata

On September 14th, Paris Hilton, heiress and proto-influencer, released a documentary entitled “This is Paris” on YouTube, tackling her fame and the persona she has played for over 2 decades. However, at the heart of her documentary lies the trauma imprinted on her at Provo Canyon school when she was a teenager. Paris has paved the way for other victims to speak up about the abuse experienced at for-profit remote boarding schools known as the “troubled teen” industry. Continue reading The “Troubled Teen” Industry


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