Ask Angel – Pen Pals

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When I was much younger, I used to have a penpal who I would write letters to as a favour for her grandma, who was her only family (we knew each other through my grandma) because she wanted her to have a friend. I was a bit embarrassed back then, so I used one of my childhood friend’s names (without telling him) as an alias when writing to her. We sent letters back and forth to each other for several months but I lost contact with her once my family moved out of the city.
Fast-forward to present day, I had moved back to Toronto 3 years ago, and by complete chance, she was recently hired at where I work. I got put in a lot of shifts with her, we started to become friendly with each other, and I eventually caught feelings. She would always bring up her mysterious penpal (me) from a couple of years ago who she apparently has had a crush on ever since. Apparently, she’s been searching for me for years, but has had no luck. (My childhood friend doesn’t use social media which is why there’s no trace of his name online)
I felt really bad for disappearing from her life, and I wanted to make it up to her in any way I could. So, I contacted my childhood friend, explained the situation, and asked him to pretend to be me and meet up with her just for one day to cheer her up. The problem is, my childhood friend ALSO caught feelings for her, and asked her out.
Now, they are dating and he’s continuing with the lie that he was the one who wrote letters to her. I feel betrayed that my childhood friend would do me like that. Technically, yes, I did use his name without permission, but I’M the one that was her pen pal and I’M the one who she fell in love with! Am I the bad guy if I tell her the truth about everything and expose my childhood friend?
– H
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A Critical Look at #Ownvoices

By Katherine Hunt

On August 31st, Becky Albertalli, blogger and author of multiple books including Simon vs. The Homosapien Agenda posted an entry to her blog entitled, “I know I’m late”. In the post she details her experiences writing books and coming to terms with her sexuality. At 37 years old, this already happily married woman felt pressured enough to come out publicly, and the rest of us should ask why. Why did this successful woman feel the need to share something so intimate and personal with strangers on the internet? Continue reading A Critical Look at #Ownvoices

Expand Your Vocabulary: Words and Expressions of 2020

By Natasha Kangrga

“What day is it? Is my mask giving me acne? Why do I keep scrolling through these awful events even though it makes me feel bad?” may be questions you’ve asked yourself over the wonderful year of 2020. At the time, they were just questions, but are you aware that these experiences are now actual definitions for words? Continue reading Expand Your Vocabulary: Words and Expressions of 2020

Minecraft and a New Era of Storytelling

By Lia Marchione

2020 was a year full of changes for a lot of people. Not only with everything that went on that year, like Covid-19 and our ongoing restrictions, but with many people’s interests as well. A lot of people turned to the Internet for entertainment, and a significant number of those people returned to watching the types of videos they used to watch when they were younger. This, along with many more factors, contributed to the new and continually growing notoriety of the 2011 game Minecraft Continue reading Minecraft and a New Era of Storytelling

Ask Angel – Boyfriend vs Bestfriend

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Yesterday, my boyfriend came up to me and told me that my bestfriend tried to make a move on him. I’ve only known my best friend for two years, but I trust her. The problem is, I have dated my boyfriend since before Covid and I trust him as well. Anyways, I went to go confront her and she told me that my boyfriend had tried to hookup with her twice already. She didn’t tell me because she wanted our relationship to work out, I seemed so happy. She also said that she was going to tell me but then he beat her to it. I talked to my boyfriend again. He said she’s been flirting with him for a while and denies everything she said. I am currently not speaking to either of them but I don’t want to lose them!

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Album Review: Taylor Swift – Evermore

By Ben King

Taylor Swift has done it again; a mere 5 months after her acclaimed LP Folklore dropped unexpectedly, she released her second great album of 2020 with Evermore – announced mere hours before dropping. It certainly seems like Swift has grown to care for this release strategy as both records were announced less than 24 hours before their release. In the era of constant consumption, where artists are expected to deliver music videos, live shows, photoshoots, and interviews all within one album cycle, Swift has reached a point in her career where she’d rather let the music speak for itself. Described by Swift herself as a “sister” record to its predecessor, the 17 track album proves that Folklore was not a fluke record and that she has slipped comfortably into this new genre as one slips into their most beloved cardigan. Continue reading Album Review: Taylor Swift – Evermore


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