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By Christina Dinh (Photo taken by RCI Yearbook) The black history assembly took place on the 22nd of February in the auditorium. BHED+ had spent months organizing the event with the help of Mrs. McDonagh-Vella, Mrs. Thomas-Reynolds, and the AV crew. Many lunches, time after school, and even weekends were spent organizing and making sure… Continue reading #BlackHistoryAssembliesMatter


How to Beat the Weather Without Breaking the Bank

Say goodbye to rainy days and hello to affordable adventures!


Devils in the Details

Humans are so weird. We experience so much in our lives and yet, our lives are relatively short. We all have similar life experiences, but even those are so unique compared to one another. Through thick and through thin, through good and through bad, we all have the people we depend on and the people… Continue reading Devils in the Details

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Homework by Hayley Hutton

The homework struggle

Ask Angel, Everything Else

Ask Angel- Managing all the work.

Ask Angel gives advice about managing work


Retro-Futuristic landscapes Graphic Design 17/18

Slideshow of the best Graphic design retro-futuristic landscapes 17/18

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So What Did You Do? By Emma Bartlett

So what did you do?