Grease is the WORD!

Richview Saints showed off their musical theatre talent with this past weekend’s high-energy stage production of Grease!

The show portrays the young love of Sandy (played by Robyn Gallop grade 9 and Jessica Bell grade 11) and Danny Zuko (Jesse Ibanez). The singing and dancing by all the actors this year was an impressive demonstration of talent and teamwork. Danny Zuko’s The T-Birds, made up of Daniel Neuwirth, Brennan Roberts, Ben Sprenger, and Adam D’Agostino, showcased the crazy greaser dance moves, as well as the melodic voices heard in numbers such as Magic Changes. The Pink Ladies, made up of Frenchy, Rizzo, and Jan helped to balance out the testosterone-filled moments with sassy and memorable renditions. Of course we will never forget the loveable Patty Simcox (played by Senior Alexandria McLean) who not only made us laugh, but made us understand who Patty is truly meant to be.

 The costumes impressed with an array of classic 50s inspired  poodle skirts, leather jackets, and the classic pouffy prom dress; all of which was made possible by the Richview parents.  The impressive set design, courtesy of senior Angeline Pizolinas, was so authentic, those with a keen eye could even read the menu at the burger palace viewing items such as “Frenchie French Fries” and much more!

The play, directed by Ms. Fitzgerald and Mr. Osachoff, who also led the orchestra, and choreographed by Richview senior Saint Andreea Sindiescu brought some much appreciated fun and entertainment to the Richview stage.

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