Free the Children

By Jillian Sprenger

Free The Children Club is up and running again – and they’re going to get things going with Richview’s first ever “Eggstravaganza”!

For the entire month of April, students will be able to purchase delicious chocolate egg candy grams to send to all their friends. The candy grams will be available for purchase in the cafeteria at lunch. Send them to everyone you know! What better way is there to show your friends that you care by sending them a little treat?At the end of April, members of the Free The Children Club will come to every homeroom class to make the special delivery of chocolate eggs.

All the proceeds from the Eggstravaganza will go directly to Richview’s Free The Children initiative to raise funds to build a school in a poverty-stricken area of rural Ecuador. This is a very important and worthwhile cause. 300 000 young children in Ecuador are child labourers, and 28.6% of the entire nation lives below the poverty line. Hundreds of thousands of the people lack access to basic human rights, such as education, clean water, and a safe work environment. Free The Children strives to break the seemingly never-ending cycle of poverty, by empowering children through education.

This remarkable charity believes in giving communities the tools to lead their own development and lift themselves out of poverty, rather than simply giving handouts of food and money. Through their Adopt-A-Village development model, Free the Children has succeeded in helping many communities and improving millions of lives. The five pillars of Adopt-A-Village (Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Health, Alternative Income, and Agriculture and Food Security) ensure sustainable solutions to end the extreme poverty crisis.

“Free The Children is a great organisation that helps kids all around the world to help other children that desperately need it”, says Shannon McKenna, one of RCI’s Free The Children group leaders. “I think that everyone should try to get involved or contribute to something like this. I’m hoping that this initiative will be a great success!”

To help support this worthwhile cause and make a difference in someone’s life, please support the Eggstravaganza and buy lots of candy grams! Bring a smile to a friend’s face while helping to improve the life of a disadvantaged child.

Other great initiatives will be coming up soon, so please stay tuned to announcements for more information.