The Gay Straight Alliance Is Ready For You!

By Laura MacInnes-Rae

Richview has always been a school that offers a variety of extra-curricular opportunities; whether you’re a writer, baker, thinker, actor, philanthropist… It is nearing April but it is not too late to join up. Curious about current LGBTQ issues or got a passion for discussing injustice regarding the gay/straight alliance on a global scale? GSA represents Richview’s Gay Straight-Alliance club. It started up in early September of 2012 and is always welcoming new members. The days of clubs such as these being exclusive to the queer community are long gone!

GSA is open to all students of Richview and led by Mr. Christensen and senior executive members Lynn Roeder, Noora Golabi and Trichta Goodwin Smith. Every Wednesday at lunch hour, members come out to Portable 1 to share personal views, plan upcoming school events and have open-discussions about current pertinent issues at home and on a global scale. Discussions touch on issues brought in from members, newspaper articles, the music industry, film and news. GSA is a great way to gain further knowledge on the LGBTQ community in society and raise awareness on positive space both inside and outside of school.

Last Halloween, members created an event in the cafeteria where students could dress up in costumes and take pictures to raise awareness. It was a huge success in terms of raising the profile of the club among Richview. The pictures are still on display outside our cafeteria doors. Also last year, GSA members applied for a grant award from the TDSB for the club’s use. The application required various pieces written by club members and the principal. GSA received $1000 in recognition of their efforts to put towards future projects. Members are excited and are currently in discussion about their plans for the award money. Whispers of getting a public speaker to come to Richview are on the table. Students that are interested or have ideas for upcoming events are encouraged to come to the weekly meetings.