Two Bands for any Indie Lover

By Alexis Apostolidis

King Krule – King Krule EP
King Krule is Archy Marshall, a 19 year old Brit who used to use the stage name Zoo Kid. King Krule really does have his own sound and this self titled EP really shows it. “36N63” is a great intro song; it’s really mellow and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. “Bleak Bake” is really entrancing track, with simple chord progression. It gives off a relaxing feeling. “Portrait in Black and Blue” starts to pick up the pace of the EP but still keeps that chill vibe. Archy’s deep voice carries through this song with dreamy lyrics. “Lead Existence” being a quick more upbeat track with interesting lyrics acts as a bridge in between tracks. “The Noose of Jaw City” finishes off the EP. It’s my favourite track of the EP with its different levels and surreal feeling. Overall this EP carries out a dreamy atmosphere and is great for studying, hanging out with friends or listening to music on your travels. Think Joy Division mixed with the xx but with an alternative hip-hop flair. King Krule is a unique up and coming artist and you should definitely check him out on YouTube, grooveshark or iTunes if you like darkwave, alternative hip-hop, alternative or you’re just looking for something new.


San Cisco – Awkward EP
San Cisco is an indie pop band from the down under consisting of Jordi Davieson on guitar and lead vocals, Nick Garner on bass, Josh Biondillo on guitar and Scarlett Stevens on drums and vocals. The first song on their debut EP Awkward is their breakthrough single “Awkward”. A catchy and quirky tune about a boy who is into a girl, but the girl is not into him. The next track is called “Rocket Ship” which was written back when the group went by King George. It’s a fun tune with more of a hang-loose folky feel. “Lover” is a lively song with a quick and fun melody. The next track is a cover of “505”, originally by Arctic Monkeys. In my opinion San Cisco does a phenomenal job, and Jordi Davieson really shows off his vocal skills. “Reckless” finishes off the EP. It is one of my all time favourite San Cisco songs. It’s a very mellow indie rock song with meaningful lyrics. It’s also a great song to sing along to. San Cisco is like a mix of MGMT, Vampire Weekend and The Vaccines. If you like indie or pop music and you are looking for something fun and upbeat; give them a listen on YouTube or grooveshark.