Resident Evil Revelations: A Call Back To the Original Resident Evil Format

By Bryan Travers

The Resident Evil franchise was once a great survival-horror series, but in recent years it’s abandoned its horror roots and instead has adopted more of an action style. Revelations however, is here to bring the series back to its original format, as it replaces the pulse pounding action set pieces from Resident Evil 5 and 6, with slow eerie levels that keep you on edge like the ones the franchise is known for. The only question is; does it work?

The moments when your back is up against the wall are some of the games greatest highlights.


If I had to describe this game in one word it would be: atmospheric. The atmosphere of this game does an amazing job of pulling you in from the second you turn it on. The mood that the visuals convey is extremely creepy and unnerving, and is the biggest reason why this game comes across as scary. One of the reasons for this is that the majority of this game takes place on a cruise ship, so the world is constantly swaying side to side; it’s a small feature that does a great job of increasing the tension. This game relies heavily on suspense, slowly drawing you in with the atmosphere, making you nervous with the ship’s constant swaying, leading up to a well-placed pop up scare.

However, this game isn’t without it’s flaws and most of them lay in the visuals department. Every time the player goes through a save point the frame rate would go down drastically, and would render the game unplayable for a few seconds. The other big problem with this game is the color pallet, I know that this is a survival horror game but I feel like the colors in this game are way too dark. Everything is dark, muddy and overall ugly. Yes, this does add to the creepy feel, but I personally couldn’t play this game as much as I had anticipated in one sitting due to how uninteresting it all looked, even the snow and blood looked grey, muddy and boring. Luckily this game isn’t all bad in terms of the visuals, the enemy design in this game is superb, the detail in their models is great, and the bosses are truly horrifying. Overall the visual qualities of this game are pretty hit and miss; yes it does have great detail, but since the game is so dark and murky you can barley see it.

The great detail is lost in scenes such as this.


As previously mentioned, this game is downright chilling in terms of how creepy it is. It has a feeling of hopelessness; where your screen fogs up with blood and scratch marks when your heath is low, it also has a feeling of despair, when the game leaves you with low resources and low heath for long periods of time. The sound track is another way the game gets under your skin, the sound of the ship occasionally creaking, howls from zombie dogs, and the tortured screams of characters that have been mutated, can all be extremely chilling. This game is scary, from the mood to the audio; it does a great job of earning its spot as a survival-horror game.

This is an overall great game. It has its flaws but they’re out weighed by the overall feel and creativity this game has in its level design. In my opinion, this game is an 8/10.