Coming Soon: April

By Maksim Lazarevic

This April there is a wave of movies coming our way, including science fiction, horror and hilarious comedy. We will be seeing a variety of movie stars such as Tom Cruise, Katherine Heigl, Robert De Niro, Charlie Sheen and even Lindsay Lohan.


Scary Movie 5 – PG 13 – April 12th, 2013
Well, we have another Scary Movie in the series. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee Scary Movie 5 is a whole reenactment of Paranormal Activity 2 but with a little twist. A couple bring their new born son home from the hospital and start to experience strange things going on in their home. With the help of some crazy investigators and some weird footage from the houses security system the couple find out that their home is being haunted by a demon.

The Evil Dead – Rated R – April 5th, 2013
The 2013 Evil Dead is a remake of the 1981 Evil Dead. Five friends go to a cabin in the middle of the woods, they find a book inside named “The Book of the Dead”, and obviously the teenagers are young and rebellious and decide to open the book. While they think they are having a good time the demons in the woods rise ready to possess the teenagers, only one will survive and try to fight their way out.


Oblivion – PG 13 – April 19th, 2013
Tom Cruise will be seen in the upcoming movie Oblivion. He will be playing the role of a veteran, Jack Harper, who has been sent back to Earth to collect whatever life and resources there are left after the war that destroyed the planet. But when Harper returns to Earth he discovers something that changes his mind forever.


42 – PG 13 – April 12th, 2013
42 shows the life story of Jackie Robinson, a famous baseball player, and his journey signing onto the Brooklyn Dodgers in a time where colored people were not appreciated and given the same rights as white people. While this movie has many different inspiring messages, one of them is that no matter who you are you can achieve anything.

Home Run – PG 13 – April 19th, 2013
Directed by David Boyd, the movie is about a famous baseball player (Cory) who has an alcohol addiction. After being kicked off his team until he completes a required amount of rehab Cory is sent back to his home town. With the help of the people around him, Cory is able to stop his addiction and be the true star he is.


The Big Wedding – Rated R – April 26th, 2013
With an amazing cast led by Diane Keaton, Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace and Robin Williams. The Big Wedding is about the adopted son of the divorced Diane (Keaton) and Don Griffin (De Niro), who are forced to pretend to be married for the extremely religious biological mother of their son. Instead of a normal wedding the couple get a never ending crazy couple of days which everyone tries to survive without killing each other.

Well there you have it, the thrilling and exciting movies for the next month. Be sure to go and check out their trailers to decide if they are indeed movies for you. See you next month!