April Buyout

By Sarah Krichel

“The juniors were impressive, Elijah Miller went to work.”
​-Scott McInroy, Grade 12 Richview student

​Another Richview buyout, a success! It’s a Richview tradition to allow the students to buy their way out of class for the afternoon to watch and support their fellow Saints. Our students had the opportunity to witness 4 of our teams in action; the Junior Girls Volleyball team, the Senior Girls Volleyball team, the Junior Boys Basketball team and the Senior Boys Basketball team. With a win from the Junior Volleyball team and the Junior Basketball team, all that was left to do for the Senior teams was to improve. Nonetheless, the crowd enjoyed every show displayed and raised the spirits of the players, that most certainly contributed to the victories of our teams.

​The Junior Boys Basketball team was the highlight of the afternoon. But for the team, it was certainly not a victory as easily achieved as they anticipated it would be. Daniel Henry, one of their star players, injured his knee for the second time this year and was put in crutches the day prior to the game. With Henry on the sidelines supporting his team, everyone was determined to make him proud – and make him proud is exactly what they did. With a major contribution from the all-star Elijah Miller, who people called the MVP of the game, our Saints managed to win the game by a total of 17 points. The full house of students, teachers and visitors went wild every time a point was scored, because every one of them was fought hard for and well deserved. There were no easily given points in this game. The rigorous efforts attained by the Saints were a clear indication of this.

​“We had to put on a show for our fans,” Miller had to say about the game – “because of this strike, we weren’t able to show our talents for a whole season. But this game was just a little taste as we start preparing to go to OFSAA next year.”

​In the end, the attempt of the Martingrove Bears were inadequate to match up to those of our own Junior Saints. And it goes without saying that today’s game was a mere impression of what talent our school holds, and is just waiting to be let out and recognized. The next basketball games will be held at Martingrove High School for both Juniors and Seniors. And if the students at Martingrove are half as enthusiastic, encouraging and vigorous as our Richview students were, then Martingrove should have no problem with their self esteem after today’s game. However, like Elijah said, “today’s game was just a little taste,” so Martingrovers do not know what they are in for.