Two Bands You Should Be Listening To

By Alexis Apostolidis

Teen Dream – Beach House

Beach House is a dream-pop band consisting of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand. Teen Dream is their third album and it starts off with “Zebra” a catchy song with a calm positive feel. It’s a great spring time track. “Silversoul” is beachy and sounds a bit droned in a good way. It feels very laidback, retro and summery. Great tune for bus rides or being in good company. “Silversoul” flows right into “Norway” which starts with an upbeat riff which comes back at different times in the song swaying from a more surf drone accompaniment “Walk in the Park” is a more steady track, kicking off with simple chord progression, the end easily got stuck in my head. The tune reminds me of those fun, carefree summer nights out with friends. “Used To Be” starts off differently than the other pieces on the album, nonetheless it’s a great track. Comparing it to the other tracks on the album it’s a bit colder. This song is definitely nostalgia for that summer love. “Lover of mine” has again more of a cool feel but a little more fun and mysterious, my favourite lyric of this track (and possibly the whole album) has to be “The only thing you’ve got, you know you’re better off without it.” “Better Times” is the next and it has a bit of a psychedelic tinge to it. It almost sounds like a mix of Vampire Weekend and MGMT. “10 mile stereo” is solid indie pop song with a strong drive and messy percussion towards the end. “Real Love” is a lot more acoustic than the other songs. It’s a bit Grizzly Bear-esque. All in all just a stellar track. “Take Care” finishes up the album. It’s a summery feel-good song and the perfect way to wrap up the album. The overall album is just a “Teen Dream” it’s care free and positive. You’ll probably like it if you’re into indie-pop or surf rock or if you’re just looking for something new.

Swim Deep

Swim Deep is an indie rock band from Birmingham, UK consisting of Austin Williams, Tom Higgins, Wolfgang J Harte and Zachary Robinson. Their debut album comes out July 29th, 2013 but they have some great singles out right now such as their first “King City” a really chill track with a bit of a pop edge. “Honey” is their next single. It’s fun and catchy while still being calm and easy. “The Sea” starts with a calm intro and then goes more upbeat with almost a tropical loungey feel and the B-Side is a well done cover of “Down By The Seaside” by Led Zeppelin. “She Changes The Weather” is a chill song taken from their upcoming album. It has a pretty long intro followed by convincing lyrics. Swim Deep is definitely an up and coming band which already has sparking reviews. For more information on the band and further listening, check out their blog :