Canada’s Luckiest Student

At the University Fair in September one booth was claiming to have amazing scholarships and prizes to give out, that booth was for Canada’s Luckiest Student. This is the fourth year that Student Life Network has given out prizes that go to students going into University. There are lots of prizes to be won with a grand prize at the end of the contest and tons of runner up prizes including a trip for two to Spain, a new smart phone, a trip to New Zealand with an extra $10, 000 , one year of paid tuition and so much more! It is easy to sign up and each prize winner is chosen randomly. The point of the contest is to answer various riddles and challenges to get more entries so you have a higher chance of winning. These challenges and riddles are found on their website and various social media websites.  This contest ends on January 4th, 2016 so make sure you sign up so you do not miss out on these amazing prizes!