Pizzamas 2015!

It’s that time of year guys! The vlogbrothers’ annual 12 day event called Pizzamas has arrived! If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, you are about to be introduced to some of the most random, geeky and nerdy people you will ever see.


John and Hank Green are the two brothers who run a widespread Youtube channel called the vlogbrothers. They also have branched off with other channels such as Crash course, a channel full of informative videos for almost every subject imaginable. If you still don’t recognize them, maybe the books (and for some now movies), Paper Towns, The fault in our stars, and Looking for Alaska will ring some bells?


Perhaps the well-known video convention Vidcon sounds familiar? Well, surprise to you all, John Green is the author of all and many more of these immensely hilarious novels, and together the Green brothers have created and run Vidcon since 2011. These brothers are also known for their many events and fundraisers they do on their channel. The main one we will be discussing today is Pizzamas.

At a quick glance you might be thinking. Pizza? What does pizza have to do with anything? To tell you the truth, not even Hank or John Green themselves really know what it truly signifies or how any of it really started. A long while back, John had a very lovely mustache and one of their beloved fans took a picture of him with his mustache and, knowing how much he loved pizza, suck his face on a giant pizza. This became very viral around the Nerdfighter community (The community circling the vlogbrothers’ channels and other successes). Being the amazing humans they are, John and Hank decided to create a whole event surrounding it. The “Pizza John” is now the official logo and mascot to this wonderful tradition. The event with spans over 12 days. Every week day a new video is posted (their usual schedule is normally 2 videos each week). Along with this, they sell shirts and merchandise with the Pizza John face on it. This year they also included an LGBT shirt which all proceeds for it will be going to the point foundation’s LGBTQ scholarship fund.


The event is just fun and festive and will definitely spark a lot of inspiration. Whether talking about upcoming projects, Vidcon, Project for awesome or just random nonsensical topics, you will always find something to fall in love with during Pizzamas. So, go check out The Vlogbrothers channel and check out the cool Pizzamas merchandise they are selling. I am sure some part of Nerdfighteria will spark your interest.

And if not then just…

Don’t forget to be awesome


Madeleine Kwan