Study Tips & How to be Successful in High School

High school is where a lot of us make the friends that we keep for life and it is also where we develop our own study habits which stay with us for the rest of our lives. Just like many other habits, the sooner you start practicing and developing them, the higher the chance is that you will continue them. With education and studying, it is crucial to have good study habits in order to be successful.

The first and most important step in being successful with your studying is to have a positive attitude. If you approach a book with negativity, your thoughts will wander and your brain will retain very little to no information from the text. If you think about how happy you will be when you receive a high grade, it might give you a more positive outlook on studying.

Take responsibility. Do not leave studying for the night before the test because you will not be able to absorb very much study material in such a short period of time. Be sure to prioritize studying before any activities and sporting events so that you have enough time to prepare for your evaluation.

Set goals. It is imperative to know exactly what you want and sometimes it takes seeing it on paper to realize it. Make sure to create realistic goals and recognize what kind of decisions and priorities you need to make in order to achieve those goals.

Find a place where you can concentrate to study. It is highly important to choose a setting which is well-lit, quiet, and equipped with the materials which you may need for studying. It is also important to use this study space to actually get your work done, which means that you should not bring your cell phone or laptop to distract you.

Create a study schedule. If you have more than one evaluation in the same week, create a plan with time slots in which you will study each subject. When creating these time slots, it is important to remember that short study breaks are vital. Ten minute study breaks after each hour will help your brain process all of the information that you are studying.

Review your homework. After doing homework questions, it is important to go over them and re-read the information in the text in order to understand it. Re-reading the text will also help you retain the information for a longer period of time.

Understand that some subjects are more difficult than others. If you are struggling with a particular course, it is highly important to prioritize and make more time to study. It is also vital to ask your professors for clarification where it is needed and not allow your questions to linger the day before the test.

This short guide should provide you with enough tips to help make your high school career a successful one. Always remember to challenge yourself and never underestimate your abilities to strive in every school subject. Good luck!

By Anastasia Andric