Emily’s Concert Tips

I love concerts.  To me, there’s nothing better than seeing your favourite band come out on stage and being in the audience, dancing, singing and jamming out.  I’m no professional concert-goer, really, but I think I’ve been to enough to share my personal advice and experience.  Here are my personal tips for going to concerts that I’ve picked up over the years.  Enjoy!

  1. Wear closed-toed shoes. This is especially good if you’re going to a crowded standing-only venue, or any outdoor venues.  In a busy crowd, it’s totally possible for someone to accidentally step on your foot.  It could also happen if the band is playing a seriously hype song, and everyone starts jumping and dancing.  Of course, your feet will hurt no matter what if someone steps on them, but I imagine it would be worse if they stepped on your bare toes than on your covered feet.  Also, try to wear mostly comfortable shoes.  Like I said before, there could be a lot of dancing, and you could also be standing around for a long time.
  2. Pack lightly. There is usually always some type of security at the doors.  If you bring a purse, it will most likely be checked.  It’s not the worst thing, and it’s totally necessary, but it’s not like it’s any fun either.  If you need a bag, try to bring a small cross-body purse, or you could even just keep your stuff in your pockets.
  3. Dress comfortably. That fuzzy turtle-neck sweater may look really cute, but if you’re going to a bar-like venue, it will likely get quite crowded once the band comes on-stage, since everyone starts to rush near the front.  Once it gets crowded, you’ll start sweating.  If you’re going to a concert during colder temperature times, and you’re worried about getting chilly, wear a light jacket and leave your heavier one in the car.  The coat check will be busy at the end of the show anyway, and you won’t to be spending any more time waiting around.  For outdoor night concerts, you should bring a light jacket.  Take Echo Beach, for example, which is by the lake.  It may be nice and sunny when you get there, but once the sun goes down, you might get a little cold.
  4. Buy your merch before the show starts. Yeah, the line’s probably a little long, but once the show ends, people will be eager to get out, and it’ll be so busy you might not even be able to make it to the table.  Also, while you’re in line, look at the selection ahead of you and try to decide which item you want before you get to the front.  There’s nothing worse than being stuck behind someone who takes forever at the merch counter.  If you’re buying clothes, remember that some shirts are unisex size, and a ladies medium might end up being a unisex small.  Sometimes it’s better to get a bigger size, because having a shirt that’s too small is useless to you, and you can always keep bigger shirts for a longer time.
  5. Go to the bathroom before the show starts. This seems a little obvious, but trust me, it’s important.  Like everyone says, even if you don’t have to, you should always go.  The line for the ladies room is always long, but it’s better to go before than to go during the show and have to miss some of the concert.  Or, even worse, you wait too long, and you go and end up missing the opening number.  You should go before the opening act comes on, or, if the pre-show is a band you don’t actually know, go during their set.
  6. Eat something light before you get to the venue. Have dinner before the show at a restaurant near the venue instead of eating there.  At places like the Air Canada Centre, the food is probably overpriced.  Also, I have found it’s never good to go to a concert with an empty stomach.
  7. Save your concert tickets. I have all mine saved in a ticket album I found on Amazon.  The way I see it, they’re like pictures: captured memories.  I’d feel weird throwing them away.  Plus it’s fun to look back and remember fun times you had.

By: Emily Reynolds