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How to Conquer the Monster: Stress!

Sitting at the table for the past three hours, and a blank page screaming at you to get your life together, to start writing already, was definitely not helping anyone calm down. Every time you put pen to paper, another project or problem would pop into your head, until you had assignments, people, places, dates,… Continue reading How to Conquer the Monster: Stress!

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5 Group Halloween Costumes

Rock, Paper, Scissors The classic game you have been playing since you were five. Bring the game to life by dressing up. Crayons You and your friends can pick your favorite colors and dress up as Crayola Crayons. This costume can be done with as many people as you want. You can get creative with… Continue reading 5 Group Halloween Costumes

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Quite the Peculiar Movie

Madeleine Kwan       Tim Burton is back at it again with yet another dark and eerie movie, Miss. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. This film was based roughly on the book series by Ransom Riggs of the same title. The movie aired on September 30th and had gotten a large 15.2M in box… Continue reading Quite the Peculiar Movie

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Welcome Home 6 God

Emily Reynolds              Drake’s ever-lasting love for Toronto, or “the 6”, was clear as day during his October 8th concert at the Air Canada Centre.  Toronto’s beloved rapper had to cancel three shows on his Summer Sixteen Tour, including one in Toronto, due to an injured ankle.  He managed, however,… Continue reading Welcome Home 6 God