Happy Holidays!

While the holidays are great for relaxation and spending time with your family, sometimes relaxing all day can get a bit boring. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re wishing for the holidays to end any sooner — no, you just kinda wish there was something fun to do over the break while you still can.

Luckily for you, here are just a few holiday fun ideas that could hold off your boredom for the little bit of free time you have left!

Firstly, of course, taking advantage of the winter weather here is something that everyone should try. Whether you like it or not, the snow can prove to be one of the most exciting things here in the winter, despite all the shovelling. Going skiing or skating is a great way to get outside in the fresh air, and get some exercise in! Even if you’ve never done it before, now would be a great time to start. There are plenty of free skating rinks all over the city, and you’ll certainly be able to find one near you!

Of course, after you’ve gone skiing for the whole day, you come home quite exhausted and with lumber some feet. A great way to end the day or calm down would be to see a movie, whether at the actual theatre, or just in the comfort of some fluffy blankets at home, it can be a super way to unwind. Even if it’s just to avoid the icy conditions outdoors, watching some old Christmas movies (The Grinch, anyone?) can be a really nostalgic thing to revisit around the holidays, and can be especially great with the rest of the family. Don’t forget the hot chocolate!

As the holidays are essentially about spending time with family, that could be another thing that a lot of people might have forgotten to cherish throughout the stressful year. However, playing games (board games, maybe video games) with a sibling can be a great way to have fun and talk to them more than usual. Seeing a movie with your parents, or maybe baking some Christmas treats for the whole family to enjoy can really remind you to be thankful for your family. Even try making a gingerbread house! It doesn’t take as much effort as you might think, and you can even buy a premade kit at your local supermarket, so why not spend some time recreating you and your family as small gingerbread people?

As the break draws nearer, looking for amusing things to do during the break can become increasingly harder. Although you might not realize it, there are still plenty of things to do here in the winter time with friends and family that can assure you that your holiday break won’t be one to forget. Whether it be going skating, watching some old movies with the family, or baking, it can be a great time to cherish your loved ones and refresh your mind before heading back to school.

By Teaghan McDonald-Wheeler