3 Fun Ways to Spend your Palentines’ Day

Attention all you lovely single pringles! Don’t let all those lovey-dovey couples rub their special day in your face. It’s time to take back the night and celebrate the strongest love of all; friendship! Here are 3 fantastic ways to up your palentines’ day itinerary.

?. Palentines’ day cards
This classic Valentine’s tradition has now been taken over by the friendship train! Make fun and hilarious cards to give to your friends to make them die with laughter. Inside jokes, fake love letters or heartfelt confessions, are just some amazing card ideas you can pull off this Palentine’s season..image
?. The best friends date
No sweetheart? No problem! Set up a date with your best friend! Go to the fancy restaurant you both have been dying to eat at, or see the movie you’ve waited 10 months to see! Why worry going on a real date when friends are just as great company. Who knows, maybe you might even get a second date out of it! 😉image

?. Sweets, sweets and more sweets
If you really don’t want to make cards or go out this palentine’s, why not crash at home and eat sweets! You don’t need a partner to buy you them, that corner store is only a block away. Treat yourself to all that sugary goodness, because you deserve it. Lay back, text somes friends, or just watch Netflix. It’s your day, do what you want with it!
Those were just a couple of love filled activities for this February 14th. Use this day to remind your friends and yourself how much you love them.

Happy Palentine’s Day!

By Madeleine M. Kwan