Devils in the Details

Humans are so weird. We experience so much in our lives and yet, our lives are relatively short. We all have similar life experiences, but even those are so unique compared to one another. Through thick and through thin, through good and through bad, we all have the people we depend on and the people who are always somewhere else. We all have the people we don’t necessarily want to be there, but always are and the people we always want there, but who never are. We all experience love, friendship, kindness, bullying, heartbreak, betrayal and so much more, but no matter how similar the circumstances each case is so different from the next when you take the time to look at the details. So many people never take the time to look at the details; we only look at the picture they create. Often times it’s those who bother to look who can always see the best in people. These people are damned with an eternal curse. Their curse is to trust too easily and always get hurt. They each get hurt in different ways and each come back to the surface with a new resolve to be more careful next time, only to fall again 5 seconds later. Then there are those who don’t see the good in anyone until that person has proven themselves. These people have a different curse. These people don’t trust anyone; very few people make it past their walls, and if even one messes up and hurts them, their wall doubles. They hide themselves under layers of carefully thought out personality to shelter themselves from the hell they see around them; never fully trusting even those they’re closest to and constantly questioning why. There’s another type of person though, this person is in between, they want to trust, but always take precautions before really letting anyone in. Their curse is confusion. They have trouble seeing between the good and the bad. They never know which one out weights the other and as a result, often doubt themselves. Sometimes they’re right, but when they’re wrong, they’re more confused than ever. They lose their sense of which way is up and which way is down, which parts were good and which parts were bad. They try to fit together puzzle pieces that came from two separate boxes to make one picture. Even with this, I’m not writing about the details. To really understand humans we have to understand the individual and to understand the individual we have to look at their details. Whatever the case, we are all the same while at the same time having a million differences that make us the weird creatures we are.

By Anonymous