How to Beat the Weather Without Breaking the Bank

By Jasmine Miljure

No one likes to be stuck inside because of bad weather (well, almost no one). What’s even worse, is when you’ve got nothing to do. This seems to be a problem especially when bad days come one after the other and you find yourself running out of ideas as to how you’ll waste time. Well, here’s a few ideas for what to do when being outside isn’t much of an option. All of which are costless or pretty cheap if you pull your cards right.

The first step is to not do any school-related work (if you can get away with procrastinating it all, that is). When you’re stuck inside because the weather outside is miserable, doing homework, working on projects, or studying is a fine way to make your day even more miserable.

If you want to stay at home on days like these, here’s a couple of options. You could spend time on a hobby that you have; nothing feels better than getting some work done on something you actually like. If you’re a puzzle type of person, there’s plenty of different types of puzzles out there, real and virtual. For those who have a Netflix subscription or something similar, you can always binge watch something new or an old favourite! A really fun option is to blast music as loud as you possibly can and screech along to the lyrics, maybe even dance a little.

If you don’t mind travelling a bit in the bad weather, you could always go out and do something with friends. Walking around the mall or going to the movies with friends is an easy way to kill a couple of hours. If you’re a less social person, you could go to your local library and pick out a random book to read. Last, but not least, you can find a nice sheltered spot in a populated area and laugh with sadistic glee as you watch all the poor souls outside suffering in the storm.

These are only a few of the cost-effective ways you can beat the weather, so don’t limit yourself to just these! It’s easy to turn a gloomy day around with the right inspiration.