Are You A Feminist?


By Kifi H.

(Art by Maia Fadd)

Are you a feminist? A simple question a lot of people shrug off or bluntly answer no to. Have you ever thought why, though? Why is it that we hear the word “Feminazi” before feminist. For what reason do we see overcorrection and extremism, instead of just an undermined correction? 

For instance, the #MeToo movement is a way people can call out high status celebrities with a lessened fear of rejection. Somehow, the term “MeToo-ed” is thrown around because the public cannot accept the fact that their beloved characters are nothing but a fake reality.

First and foremost, the literal definition of feminism is “The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” This alone debunks several stereotypes constricting feminism. Such as: feminists hate men, are aggressive, are counterproductive, and so on.

For example, it is believed to this day that each feminist hates every man! Completely untrue, numerous people have hidden behind this excuse to avoid the discussion on  women’s rights. Looking closely, only a percentage of the female rights activists population are women who have been discriminated against, and perhaps possess a distaste for men. 

Unfortunately, due to a widely seen aggressiveness in the media, the image of the women’s rights movement becomes distorted. In detail, it is shown that we put women up on a pedestal contrary to our cause. In reality, it is not a pedestal but a step of encouragement that has never been there before.

Bringing women’s rights into equal rights is not an addition, in fact, it is solving an incomplete equation.

Writing this very article is crucial in fighting stigma, even if I only tweak the opinions of a few students. Stereotypes scar the idea of a historic movement trying to save lives. Therefore, by believing these lies you are also contributing to the amount of women being hurt.

Furthermore, many feminists including myself are personally offended when someone says they do not support the movement. Obviously, we respect everyone’s personal decision, however, this response informs me of their misconception. People should be asking

“Why aren’t you a feminist?”

Because you would rather believe in equal rights? Or because you are afraid your friends will label you as crazy? In this manner, a blurry curtain will be gracefully lifted from the eyes of the world.

Feminism is a misconstrued necessity for equal rights. Without it all women would be perceived to be subpar. Now the next time somebody asks you if you are a feminist, take a moment to think about what that actually means to you and in the world around you.

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