Best Buddies Halloween Event

By Zoya Babicheva

On Friday, October 26th, there was an event for RCI’s Best Buddies club in the cafeteria after school, where everyone dressed up, played games, danced, and more. It was fun for everyone, and the buddies really enjoyed themselves.

The purpose of Best Buddies is for Richview students to interact with the buddies, kids from ECI that have exceptionalities/disabilities, and to spend time with them.

A lot of the activities are based on what the buddies would like to do at an event; such as mummy wrapping and costumes. People wore costumes ranging from simple cat ears to full head-to-toe celebrity outfits. The buddies loved that, and we’re sure our students did too. The mummy wrapping activity is always a favourite.

One of the many activities that took place were the arts and crafts; everyone decorated paper bats and attached them to popsicle sticks. Then, there were games; fishing for candy in a small bowl and mummy-wrapping everyone in toilet paper. In addition to that, there was also dancing to The Monster Mash, Can We Just Talk, Bad Guy and more. Food was also served which included pizza, cookies, drinks, and tangerines. The tangerines had faces that made them look like pumpkins, which was super cute.

49196657132_8e1d1bf045_cThe annual Halloween festivities of Best Buddies was amazing! It was a great opportunity for Richview students to be able to interact and have fun with the buddies from ECI. Everyone had a great time and the night was a huge success. We hope to see another fantastic Halloween event again next year!