Book Review: Twisted by Steve Cavanagh

By Ana Downes

Twisted is a very captivating novel that truly lives up to its title! Fictional author J.T. LeBeau is incredibly popular. He is one of the most famous authors in the world, known for his thriller mystery novels… each one riddled with shocking and unexpected twists. The true mystery, however, is his identity. Nobody alive knows who LeBeau is, and those who find out meet a very unfortunate death.

Twisted is a dark novel about hidden secrets, deception, blackmail and murder. It is packed with suspense and twists which will surely make your jaw drop. Throughout the novel, you will question everything you thought was true.

There are 3 main characters, each with their own dark secrets. Each character is expertly fabricated to resemble real humans through their emotions, their pain and their darkness.

Steve Cavanagh is a writer who has written many novels in the mystery/thriller genre, including a very popular book entitled “Thirteen”.

I really enjoyed Steve Cavanagh’s writing style throughout Twisted. One interesting thing I noticed is that throughout the book, there are many details that at first do not make sense. However, once the story starts to piece together, all of your questions are answered!

Twisted is a gripping novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, as well as an amazing read for any fans of the mystery/thriller genre. I look forward to reading more novels by Steve Cavanagh!

Rating: 5/5