By Jasmine Miljure

Cold air leaves your mouth in plumes
Tendrils of mist wisping through the air
The cold seeps in and consumes
There’s not much warmth left to spare

You look up to see the sun rising in the sky
This is the best type of day
There are no looming clouds waiting to cry
On these days the heat will chase the cold away

Leaves crunch under your feet
Brilliant colours in abundance this year
They pile up and cover the street
Soon these displays will disappear

You hear the wind whisper a tune
Like it has a secret to tell
Something about what’s to come soon
About why the leaves all fell

You’ve already heard the rumour
Of something unforgiving and cruel
It will come with ill humour
It’s been a given since the start of school

It seems ages ago to you now
With the work in full swing
So when it seems too much, just make a vow
To take a moment and let the world sing

You will find yourself at peace
So please stop to just breathe
For a wonderful moment, the world will cease
And only the trees will grieve

You can see it in the way they quiver
They have lost their close friend
The world itself will wither
To something harsher will lend