Don’t Believe What You See

By Kifi H.

When Dillon finally opened his eyes he couldn’t see a thing. There was a blindfold tightly knotted around his head, he might as well have been a blind bat.

“Deep breaths,” Dillon thought he whispered to himself. Then, with one great yank unrealized shackles were dropped and the blindfold was off.

“I’m not brave, I’m not courageous,” he claimed. Or at least the other him did. Dillon was astonished while watching his duplicate circling around his tied up chair. Same auburn reddish-brown hair, green and hazel eyes, narrow eyebrows but not too thin. It was an exact replica that Dillon didn’t understand.

“Who are you?!” Dillon panicked.

“Everything you could never be,” he replied with a grin. “Name’s David, because I couldn’t bear having the same name as you. I already have to look like you, ugh,” the twin remarked.

“Why am I here? Give me my freedom back!” Dillon commanded.

“You’re already free,” David stated. His prisoner looked down at his hands and feet, they were free, unshackled. In this dark room, all he could see was an opportunity to leave along with a cruel reflection. “I know you’re not going to go,” David mentioned.

“And why is that?” Dillon questioned curiously.

“Y’see, you aren’t brave, you aren’t courageous but I am.” 

This confused Dillon. “I am the better one, better than you’ll ever be,” he said pretentiously. 

“Well, Mr. Hyde you’re wrong, so I’ll be off then,” as the words left his mouth while starting to get up shackles reappeared squeezing his ankles. “Let me go!” Dillon begged.

“I gave you the chance,” David reminded his hostage.

“That isn’t fair,” he complained.

“I don’t play fair. Why would I, when I could just win all the time?” This evil person asked sarcastically.

“Have you ever read the ending of ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’?” Dillon had an idea.

“Yes, Jekyll becomes insane and addicted,” David answered.

“So you’d know Jekyll worsens each time he transitions and has the capacity to be as crazy as Hyde?” Dillon got up with his shackles vanishing. “You can do it? So can I.” 

Before David could process everything that had just happened, he was in the prisoner’s chair.

“I can be courageous, I can be brave, I can be you,” David was speechless at what Dillon spoke. 

“But I won’t, because I’m better than that, better than you,” Dillon walked out of the room leaving all his demons behind…