Everyday, Little by Little

By Anonymous

Mark couldn’t stop his leg from bouncing.


He was sitting in the waiting room just outside of baggage claim. Had been glancing nervously at the door ever since the arrived text had popped up next to the number for the flight he was waiting for.


The Air Canada flight arriving from London International Airport was something Mark had been waiting for for around a full month, ever since Thomas had left over the summer to go see his parents back in England.


It wasn’t as if they hadn’t face timed or skyped while Thomas was away, but arguing about what flights to take over video just wasn’t the same as arguing in person (“Do not take a connecting flight there is no way I will wait an extra three hours to see you again.”). He might also want to hug Thomas. Maybe just a little bit.


Mark whipped his head around again as someone walked through the door, craning his head around to try and see if Thomas was there.


He missed Thomas a lot. A lot, a lot. He missed waking up in the morning and spending a few minutes admiring the older in bed, maybe stroking his face a little bit because god, if anyone looked amazing bathed in soft morning light coming through curtains, it was his boyfriend. He missed untangling himself from the sheets and making coffee for when Thomas got cold without him in the next few minutes, and would need coffee before he could even start to think about functioning.


He missed the way Thomas would come home to their apartment an hour before him and make him a little snack so that they could cook dinner together. He missed the way Thomas would regale him with tales of the kids that day because he always got so excited talking about the five-year-olds and how much they had learned, and what Leila had painted today, or what Cameron had built out of blocks that day.


“Hey, are you waiting for someone?” Mark snapped out of his reverie, and whipped around as someone tapped him on the shoulder.


Their pink hair was squished under a black bucket hat and their face was hidden under a black mask but Mark would recognize those eyes anywhere. Besides, Thomas was wearing one of Mark’s flannels around his waist.


God,” Mark breathed, throwing himself out of the chair and into Thomas’s arms, Thomas pulling his mask down and revealing his stunning, beautiful smile that Mark had only seen through a screen in the past few months. God, he had missed this so much.


He tilted his head up a bit, pushing their lips together for the first time in a month, and it felt like coming home, like he was the one that had been on vacation for a month. Thomas put a hand on the back of Mark’s neck, pushing their faces closer together, almost like he was trying to take the moment in. Putting as much feeling into this kiss as they had missed in the month that he was away.


Thomas pulled back first, bringing his hand from the back of Mark’s neck to caress his face, rubbing a rough thumb over Mark’s cheek as if to confirm he was real.


“God, I missed you so much,” he whispered, and a big, bright smile broke out on Mark’s face.


Thomas leaned into another kiss, grabbing Mark’s waist and pulling him closer.


“My mom says hi,” he whispered against Mark’s lips, making the younger laugh.


“Come on, let’s go home.”