MADD Assembly: A Recap But Mostly A Movie Review

By Christina Dinh

*Note that this may be a silly review but this article is not meant to ridicule the gravity of impaired driving*

On the 17th of December, Richview held its annual MADD assembly, organized by Youth in Control. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is an organization focused on preventing impaired driving and the effects it has on the lives of those affected by it.

MADD creates a new film every year. This year the film shown was called Over The Edge. The film depicts the life of a girl named Sam who has to move back to her old town while her mom is on vacation. Her parents are divorced, so while her mom goes to Europe for a year, Sam goes to live with her dad. Most of the film is her catching up with old friends and being angry at her father for ruining their family. 

The gang includes old friends Adam, Kat and Sam, as well as Steve. Adam, Kat and Sam made a friendship contract when they were younger that basically said they’ll stay together forever. Surprisingly, as people grow up, they will drift apart and live their own lives. At a get together, Kat is upset when she discovers that Adam will be leaving to go to art school, breaking the contract. She’s also bitter about how Sam had already left. Steve is clearly in this film solely to be a bad influence. 

They play a depressing game at the request of Steve, where they guess each other’s biggest problem. This part is meant to flesh out the characters out more and to show their motives but it just seems rushed. It’s so strange to imagine anyone even suggesting to play this game, let alone getting other people to participate.

There is so much foreshadowing in this scene, implying that they’re going to drive impaired, that the plot twist was that Sam was responsible and calls her dad. 

The next day, Steve drives impaired with Kat. Kat texts Sam, who calls the police while in the car with her dad. Despite how Sam does everything right, she ends up going over the edge of a cliff after getting hit by the car that Steve and Kat were in. Her and Kat die, and her dad ends up in a wheelchair. 

The scenery was good, the acting was bearable only half the time, and the writing is alright. What boosts the rating was definitely the dad who was the best actor and did such a good job at the emotional ending of the film. The film was made by older people for a younger audience and it shows. However, it served its purpose; the film was still extremely tragic and moving. Rating: 3.5/5 stars.

On a more serious note, after the film, there were real-life testimonies by the families of those affected by impaired driving. These stories are incredibly impactful. It shows the importance of stopping impaired driving. That these actions have serious consequences.

Every single day in Canada, 4 lives are lost due to impaired driving. To quote the host from MADD,

“By seeing and hearing these stories we are inspired to do better.”

The host left us with 4 simple reminders. 

  1. Do not drive impaired
  2. Do not get in the car with an impaired driver
  3. Always plan ahead
  4. Step up and make a difference

Remember that despite how little of an action may be, it can have a big impact. It’s our responsibility to ensure whether it’d be positive or negative. Be safe and be responsible.