It Was Okay; A Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker Review

By Lia Marchione


As one of the first people in the country to see this movie, I’d like to say that I’m one of the most qualified people to talk about it. In actuality, this is not true at all, because I am extraordinarily biased against it.

That being said, it wasn’t completely horrible. The graphics and soundtrack were amazing, as always, and the cinematography was once again top tier. They made perfect use of the cannon fodder they threw in there and made some great connections with the last movie. They also brought in characters and plot lines established previously back into the spotlight. For example, that weird bond everyone forgot about, and that character they tried to make Finn’s love interest, even if it was only for a few seconds.

dfVVRh5b_oThe movie, however, did take a few liberties with both its use of characters and its story development. The story of the movie itself is decently okay, with Finn and Poe racing around frantically to stop the First Order, introducing new plot-relevant characters as the writers see fit, and Rey doing…whatever she’s doing with Kylo Ren. The movie inevitably wraps the three movie long storyline up with the perfect Hollywood Christmas-morning-present ending, complete with a slightly unnecessary heterosexual kiss between two people I thought were going to be siblings.

maxresdefault (1)Great, good, sure. Except, not so much.

Disney left so many things out there in the open, so many characters with potential left untouched. We don’t have time to unpack all of the characters that were just thrown aside in this movie (Rose who?), so let’s start with the one who had so much more potential as a main character which didn’t get expressed. 

Nobody can deny the fact that we were robbed of so much Finn content during this movie, including, but not limited to whatever he wanted to say to Rey, but never got the chance to by the end of the movie. If you were to ask anyone who has kept up with the movies to this point, they might give answers ranging from he liked her (boring, heterosexual) to he could sense the force (the only real correct answer).

ebb33180-46f2-435c-82ef-849d26ccb15a-ep9-ff-000043_ceb82246-1Finn’s—and so many others’—characters deserved everything Kylo Ren got in this movie and more. The new Star Wars movies introduced so many interesting new people and characters but literally just threw them down the drain to push The Reylo Agenda. They just cast away most signs of foreshadowing, promises from the other movies, as well as promises that were told to the actors. They took all that and threw them in the garbage.

Overall, an okay movie, I quite enjoyed watching it in theatres, but looking back on it, as well as seeing everything that has gone on after it, and revisiting clips of it, it’s not really as good as people are saying it is. Good try Disney, maybe when trying to make more money next time, don’t let your heteronormative ideals overwhelm the good plot potential your movie has.

Rating: 3/5