Winter Music Concert

By Lauren Olszaniecki

As guests filed past the assorted raffle baskets, the harmonious sounds of the string octet echoed off the walls of the rapidly filling auditorium. Decorated with a Christmas tree and multicoloured lights, the auditorium was almost as festive as the students!

Screenshot (18)
String Octet

Along with Santa hats, elf hats, and other holiday gear, band students sported red tops, junior string players wore white tops, senior strings were dressed in black, and the choir had donned an assortment of various colours.

Excitement and nerves infused the air as performers tuned, rehearsed, and did their last-minute preparations. It reached a point where one grade 10 student commented, “I feel like I’m in a zoo!”

The first ensemble was seated by the time the lights dimmed at 7, rising to identify them as the junior band.

Every ensemble made sure to include at least one festive number to keep the audience in the holiday spirit. Richview’s talented musicians received loud applause after each song.

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Stage Band
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My personal favourite of the show was when the orchestra played Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker—a classic holiday song.

For the grand finale, all senior strings and band players joined forces to create a full orchestra. However, there was one minor setback: a lack of space on the stage. The sections were squished, but they made it work, playing their three pieces without any further issues. As the performers played their last note, they were greeted with a hearty round of applause.

Once the musicians had taken their bows, everyone headed to Richview’s cafeteria in search of refreshments and socialization. Smiles were in abundance at this gathering and it wasn’t just because of all the sugar and caffeine being offered.

Many thank yous need to be given for that night. To Mr. Boyd, who was the emcee for the evening—his in-depth commentary was a great addition to an already great event. Thank you to the AV crew, who made the music even more impactful. Thank you, soloists! The exceptional soloists at these events always manage to add another layer of “wow” to the concert. As always, to Mrs. O’Brien and Mr. Osachoff whose dedication paid off, resulting in a phenomenal concert. Finally, to our musicians who give their time to rehearse before school, at lunch, and after school, thank you for your commitment and know that it has paid off.

The spirit and camaraderie of concert nights is something that sets music apart from other subjects. Music is a subject best developed outside the classroom.