Saints Chamber Strings

By Ashley Czumak

During November of this school year, the Saints Chamber Strings, a strings performance ensemble, was established by Ashley Czumak and Zora Zheng. The ensemble consists of eight students in grades 10-12, playing the violin, viola, and cello. The Richview ensemble performs at various events to fundraise. All donations collected go to MusiCounts, a foundation which provides musical instruments for schools in need.

After coming across an online advertisement for MusiCounts, Ashley was inspired by their mission.

“I’ve always had access to music education through school, and I wanted others to have the same opportunity. I was inspired to take action so, I started a performance ensemble to raise money to donate to this wonderful cause.” 

Zora was also inspired by this idea, and agreed to help run the ensemble.

I wanted to play [music] to make others happier, and along the way, I would also get to raise money for schools’ music programs, which was even better.”

The other members of the Saints Chamber Strings Ensemble are incredibly passionate about music education as well, and share the same sentiment. One of the reasons why they decided to dedicate their time to this ensemble was to help a foundation that would allow other students to have music education access and music related opportunities.

On December 15, 2019, the ensemble had their first performance at the Queen’s Estate Retirement Home, performing for around 20 residents and raising $100.

During this new year, the ensemble plans to return to Queen’s Estate and perform at other events and venues. Their goal is to raise $100 every month. The ensemble will be looking to add new members, so make sure to keep an eye out for any announcements if you are interested in joining this wonderful ensemble.

If you’d like to keep up with the Saints Chamber String Ensemble, you can follow their Instagram @rci.scs