Supernatural Season 15; Ten Seasons Too Many

By Lia Marchione

In light of Supernatural’s soon-to-be-ending two month hiatus from season 15, it seems ample time to talk about the episodes that have been released. 11 out of the 20 painfully beautiful (emphasis on the painful) episodes have been handed out to the greedy fingers of fans, and each and every single one of them have been dutifully ripped apart by the millions of people who still watch the show. 

Giving it some credit, it did connect well to the last season, and that last episode fit almost perfectly into the lore of the show. The season has provided quite a few amazing moments that we’ve all appreciated. From the ghost plot in the first few episodes, to the killing off and bringing back of characters (giving Rowena the award for fastest character to be resurrected yet, with only around 2 episodes), to Chuck ripping off their protagonist’s halos and throwing them into perdition like it was season 3 all over again.

Rowena in Season 15 Episode 3 “The Rupture”

However, with all of the good things this season has given us (especially episode 11, “The Gamblers”), there are also numerous bad things as well. Those which may outweigh the good. Just starting with the bad characterization (which has been going on for seasons and seasons), it seems that the writers don’t know their own characters. The various reactions and lines written make zero to no sense for the characters that they were written for. It felt like the writers were just writing random Supernatural AUs for random characters and just making the characters Sam and Dean for the episodes.

Season 15 Episode 11 “The Gamblers”

Giving the writers a bit of credit, the last really great writing for Supernatural was in season 5. The show really should have just stopped there, but more content is more content. And, they could never write as bad as the season 9 writers did, so really that’s their only saving grace.

Overall, you couldn’t really call the season a complete failure. On one of those ranking memes it’d probably get a B rank, which isn’t bad, but is still three levels from the top. They tried, and it was okay, but honestly at this point any original content from this show is commendable.

Rating: 3/5