An Extremely Long Slump

By Christina Dinh

I’m in a slump, an extremely long slump. I find myself longing for a past version of myself that had the motivation and inspiration to regularly write. It’s like I have a creative block I can’t get over. I’ve rewritten this article 3 times and I’m ready to give up. Resign to a life of nothingness, void of creativity. Yet, here I am, still trying to write this stupid article.

I don’t think this is a personal journey where there’s some cliche moral; a piece of advice I can offer because I have nothing. 

I tried to take the advice of Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In season 1, Jake was in a slump where he just couldn’t solve any cases, so Holt told him to stick to one case and work through it until it was solved. The only way to get out of that slump is to persevere.  

The hard part, for me personally, can’t be pinpointed. The whole process is hard. However, the first step, always, is to begin. I opened a document and hoped that inspiration would strike me. It’s easy to report on a school event but it’s more difficult to write an entire piece from nothing. I wrote everything and anything that came to mind. 

The best written thought, and I quote,

“Hashbrowns are arguably one of the best foods. However, the most important and toughest part is for the ratio of fluff to crunch to be perfectly balanced.”

I’ve read half a dozen blogs and watched countless videos on how to get rid of my creative block. One of the most common pieces of advice is to take your mind off it and come back with a fresh mindset. This only works if you’re actually thinking about it. However, I’ve been procrastinating this process for as long as possible. Not to sound like a Nike ad but just do it. 

A friend once told me,

“Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.”

It wasn’t meant to be deep or anything, just words strung in confusion as she forgot how time worked. However, I’m taking those words and putting my own meaning to them.  You can’t give up because yesterday you couldn’t write, or even the couple dozen days before. Today isn’t yesterday, but yesterday’s tomorrow. 

The middle is messy to say the least. My process isn’t organized in the slightest. It’s me rambling for about 150 words until I feel like I know what I’m doing. I guess that’s normal. To stumble before you get a grip; before finding your balance. 

I lied when I said there’s no moral. Clearly, the moral is to keep going. Even if you feel like giving up, you can’t. Make yourself start, continue, persevere. I still miss those past versions of myself but circumstances change, life gets busy. It doesn’t mean I’m not capable anymore. I’m still in the slump, but I got here to the end, and isn’t that something worth celebrating?