Ask Angel – Motivation and Cancellation

How do I stay motivated when everything I’ve been looking forward to has been cancelled? – School took everything that was fun and threw it away

Dear School took everything that was fun and threw it away,

Hi there! Thank you so much for asking. I know it’s very difficult to do anything with the COVID-19 pandemic going on. First of all, I just want to say I’m sorry that you feel this way because I know it’s not a fun feeling. I think some things that you could do to stay motivated are staying social and staying productive by doing simple things that you love. Stuff you could look forward to could be a birthday or even watching something new on Netflix.

Birthdays would be so much fun because you could decorate your house and surprise whoever’s birthday it is. You can also go get a gift for them and get yourself a little something too if the mood hits you. Another reason why birthdays at home are fun is that you get to order food from places that you may not go to all the time but still enjoy eating at. Then there’s cake! Who doesn’t love cake? There are so many types to get and you can just get one from the cute little bakery that’s near your house because it’s not too expensive and not too fancy.

This one is my personal favourite because it requires you to do nothing. I think it’s better if you watch something new because then you’ll get excited; which is sort of the whole point. Then once it comes out, you can get into your pyjamas, turn off the lights, wrap yourself up in a blanket, watch it and just hope that it’s everything you thought it’d be. Also, maybe you could go freshen up and get ready for bed. This way, when you sit down, you could sleep wherever you are, which is just perfect if you tend to feel sleepy after watching movies.

Okay, now I think this one will be your favourite because it’s the easiest. Just stay social. Text your friends often, make plans to hang out, or even just call them and talk for a few minutes if one of you can’t talk for long. That’ll do wonders for the both of you. Since COVID-19 started, I doubt you’ve seen any of your friends or have talked to them as much as you used to. So, talking to them now, catching up, or doing whatever, can be good for you because then you’ll get a sense of normalcy back.

Doing little things that you love will help you get tasks done more quickly because you’ll start getting more done overall. I say that because once you start doing something you’ll get into the mood and you’ll do more tasks that you’ve maybe been putting off for a while. For example, I was planning on doing one hundred words a day for this column since I have 6 days and I got almost 300 words done today instead because I got into it. My point is, you should do something you’re passionate about or find something that you are passionate about if you don’t have anything already. It’s extremely important to have motivation in your life because you can achieve goals that could hugely impact your future. Finally, even though staying productive might be super annoying, it is so important.