Autumn Fashion Trends 2020

By Imani King

As the temperature slowly decreases, and sunny days are making less and less of an appearance, people are being forced to ditch the shorts and dresses and bring out their fall looks. As a result, I took a deep dive into various social media platforms and designer webpages to find the hottest trends for the 2020 chilly season and deliver them to you. 

To start, I want to emphasize the fact that though this guide will contain some of the most popular trends for this season, you should always follow your own style! Whether it’s retro, grunge, chic, bohemian, trendy or something else, make sure to dress in what makes you feel comfortable and confident all the time!

Now let’s get right into it!

The trend that I saw popping everywhere during my search (specifically on influencers and celebrities), is plaid patterns. They appear on jackets, skirts, cardigans, and so much more. And the best part is that it looks great with  all of it, and is often paired with a base piece like black tank tops, dark jeans and plain tops. The theme is bringing back the 90’s  in the fashion industry.  Many popular designers, including Alexander McQueen, used plaid and other similar patterns during the decade and seem to be excited about it’s return, as it’s being sported by many of their models. 

Next we have my personal favourite trend of the season: sweatpants. I am extremely excited to say that sweats have become one of the most popular trends of 2020. I love sweatpants and hoodies almost as much as I love fall itself. They are both comfy and quite flattering. Celebrities everywhere are sporting the look, including Bella Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, Kendall Jenner, Charli D’Amelio, and so many others! The best part of this trend is that it encourages people to dress as comfortably as they want, and still rock a fashionable yet modern look. So whether you dress it up with your favorite accessories, or keep it chill with a tank and zip up sweater, you can enjoy feeling and looking your best all in one!

The final trend that I found super fun is knit tops. Knit cardigans, tanks, and even sweaters are some of the most popular items for fall 2020. The autumn runways this year have been packed with these cute pieces and it really proves the endless ways you can sport it. They work as excellent layering pieces, or you can simply wear it by itself and it’s still super flattering. They also seem to be on the cheaper side in the fashion industry. So if you’re on a budget, this is  a super easy way to look great without a dent in your wallet. They also come in so many colours and forms, that  you can really pair with whatever you’d like!  

Those are some of the hottest trends for the 2020 autumn season. Before I wrap up, I want to reiterate that this guide is exactly that; a guide. Never forgot to wear what makes YOU feel good, if these trends aren’t for you, stick with your own style! Your fashion intuition is always better than following the trends made by celebrities and designers, so use that to embrace your fashion sense. Fashion is an art form, and should be used to represent yourself, not others. But then again, if you like to follow the latest trends like me, I hope this article helped you find the most popular trends of the 2020 fall fashion season.