Ask Angel – School Stress and Time Management

School is really stressful and I don’t know how to manage my time. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m already so behind. What do I do??? – Ahhhhh 

Dear Ahhhhh,

Hey there! Saying school is stressful is an understatement! Whether participating in e-learning or in-school work, during these unprecedented times, it’s easy to fall behind. 

The key to managing your time adequately is all about focusing on planning. Just like you take time to do your schoolwork, you must also take time to plan it out. Once you receive a new assignment or a test date, you must decide how much time you will dedicate to each. Plan out how many days in advance you should be starting your work, and complete it in order of importance. Make sure you keep in mind each test or assignment’s due date, ensuring that you finish the work with a closer deadline first. Your work will vary in size, some assignments more time-consuming than others. When handling work like this, you must ensure to dedicate more time to the larger assignments. 

The most beneficial suggestion I can provide would be to make a checklist. Writing down all your assignments and their deadlines is a starting point, but once turned into an organized checklist, you will see improvement. Your checklist must include all your assignments and tests, their due dates and how much time you will dedicate to working on them. Having all your tasks listed out and checking them off as you go will relieve significant stress. Trust me, checking your work off once completed is an unmatchable feeling. 

Checklists are able to be personalized to match your educational needs, allowing you to explore how a checklist can work best for you. When utilizing checklists, you will also determine the most beneficial spot for your checklist to be located. Checklists can be created on a physical piece of paper, Google Docs, on the notes app, or even other fun apps. I recommend “myHomework”— it allows you to write down all your work from each course and link it back to its deadline. Personally, I have always had my checklist on my phone because that’s what I carry around with me constantly. I prefer apps on my phone as it allows me to check off due dates on the go! 

Another reliable way to reinforce your studying skills is asking your teachers for extra help. If you are behind in a subject and are struggling to understand concepts, email your teacher with specific questions and concerns. In a regular school year, most teachers would provide additional help at lunch and after school, however this year has changed this opportunity, among many other things. In your email, you could ask if they are willing to host a drop-in extra help session on Google Meet, especially if your questions need further explanation than just an email back. 

If the aid from your teacher does not improve your understanding of the concept or you are still not confident, Youtube has many relevant videos, especially for math, science, French and English. Listening to and absorbing an explanation from someone who is not your teacher may provide you clarity of the concept being taught. You can also try getting help from your classmates or friends! 

I hope you implement my tips into your daily life and your stress levels go down as your grades go up!