Seasonal Cinema

By Benny Streeter

Gusts of autumn wind grace your ankles as the dark-red leaves blow by, you sit in tranquility with a clear mind and a warm heart. This is the effect of a perfect October film. The complete immersion in a story that is told during the most romantic month of the year, the smile that finds its way to you through the thoughts of happier times. Many may ignore the opportunity to enjoy October films as much as I do but the passion I hold is in no way exclusive.

October films are crafted by combining the core components of what makes fall so great into one harmonious masterpiece. I believe that the best part has to be the colours we see too little of on an average day, the combination of reds and oranges gives a fulfilling sense of romance and warmness to anyone who engages with them. Films that utilize colour palettes similar to that of October’s colours always hold a special place in my heart. 

Another technique used to make these mystical masterpieces is balanced cinematography, long shots with few cuts that focus on our main cast. The balanced, landscaped camera makes almost any shot become a painting, a technique often used by directors such as the Coppola family and Wes Anderson.

Another whimsical technique for fall filmmaking is the implementation of themes of love and curious adventures. These themes for me define the month of October by bringing up feelings that are exclusive to this time of year. Films that master all these techniques tend to become critically adored classics, gems like Ratatouille, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Spirited Away, and Moonrise Kingdom are what make October special for me. 

I encourage everyone to find themselves an October favourite so that they can experience the joy I get from this art form. Whether it’s a tranquil masterpiece from Miyazaki or the beautiful balance of a Wes Anderson flick, we can all have our favourite fall film.