Open Clubs This Year At Richview

If you are new to Richview this year or just looking to make more friends, we have compiled a list of clubs that are currently open and running. We spoke to club presidents and executives and asked them what they had to say about their club. There are a variety of clubs running this year and we hope that by reading the information below, it might pique your interest to join something new.

Female Empowerment Club

“At the RCI Female Empowerment Club, we want to create a supporting and easygoing environment for young girls at our school. In the past, we have run fundraising campaigns to raise money for local women’s shelters and hosted calming mental health sessions. Currently, we are looking for ways to keep the club active despite the pandemic. If you would like to join, follow us at @rci_female_empowerment_club. New members are always welcome!” – Aakifah, President of Female Empowerment Club

Black History Everyday +

“Black History Every Day is a club for Black youth and allies to celebrate Black history. It is a space where members are able to participate and be involved in events. We are able to incorporate different ideas and activities into our events. 

The club is dedicated to the promotion of Black excellence. Through our black history month assemblies, discussions, meetings, and excursions to different schools to further celebrate Black excellence! 

Because of our current circumstances, in this pandemic, we won’t be able to host all of our regular events and meetings. BHED is still active this year! Thanks to Mrs. McDonagh-Vella, our principal club supervisor, we’re given new resources and virtual conferences to attend and be a part of every week. Mrs. McDonaugh and our other club’s supervisors and supporters continue to provide us with support during these times! We hope to get Grade 9s and new members involved in the club as always! Check out our Instagram @richview.bhed.”  – Jennessa Tachie 

Best Buddies

“Best Buddies is a club that promotes friendships and community with people from Central Etobicoke that happen to have mental/physical exceptionalities or delays.  Richview Best Buddies is up and running this year, though it might look a little different. We will not be doing our normal events as we have in the past, but we will be doing whatever we can to let the buddies at Central Etobicoke know that we are still thinking of them.” – Executives of Best Buddies


“HOSA is a health sciences organization that allows students interested in the medical field to study medical topics of their choice. As far as how we’ve adapted to the pandemic, obviously, we conduct virtual meetings and the organization itself will be holding their conferences and exams online. In a typical year, we would hold study sessions but since we cannot do that we are thinking of doing online meetings or Kahoots of some sort. To be totally honest we’re still figuring things out as we go since it’s our first time in a pandemic and running a club.” – Shabahat-Noor and Maureen, Co-Presidents of HOSA

Youth In Control

“Youth in Control is a recreational club run in close affiliation with Toronto Public Health, focusing on promoting youth safety, and spreading awareness about the impacts of substance abuse. Club members often get together with Public Nurse, Beth, creating educational workshops, announcements, posters, and other materials in order to better the Richview community. By far Richview’s YIC members have organized multiple M.A.D.D assemblies, Impaired Goggles Workshops, fundraisers, weekly Fact Friday announcements, and have much more in store for this school year! YIC will hopefully continue to meet online once a week, curating even more material to help support our student body throughout these difficult times. Check out @rci.yic on Instagram for more info!” – President of Youth in Control 

Mr. Dipchand’s Leadership Club

“We’re organizing a family type system where senior leaders are going to be big brothers and big sisters to our Grade 9s. Every Grade 9 will have about 3 or 4 other Grade 9s in their group and they will be paired with 2 senior leaders to play games with them and get to know them. They will interact with each other and by the end of the year, hopefully all of these Grade 9s will have interacted with at least 20 other Grade 9s and about six to eight other leaders so it’ll resemble a little, what a Muskoka colour group would look like and if the pandemic or the restrictions end, then maybe we could take those groups and do some outdoor activities in June. So that’s our hope and everyone is going to be online and there will be posts going out through different google classrooms on it.” -Mr. Dipchand 


“The RAC is the Richview Athletic Council. During the school year we usually are in charge of showcasing the sports that go on throughout the year. This year due to the pandemic we aren’t able to do the pep assembly and host games so Erica and I have been coming up with some ideas to get people interested in the council and the sports at RCI. So far we started to sell Richview masks that you can order online. Hopefully soon our council will be coming out with a video to really introduce what the council is and each committee within it. Due to the pandemic, the council has been running a little slow but we are doing the best we can to make changes where it’s necessary to get things back up and running. We’ve been having online meetings with the entire committee to plan out things we want to do in the future. We’re taking things day by day though because we never know if things will go back to a semi-normal and we can start some of the sports/activities we usually have during the year.” – Khulda, Co-President of RAC 

Richview Interact 

“Every Interact Club project, small or large, has a lasting impact on our Richview community. In Interact, you will take action to make a difference and become a leader in your school and community, discover new cultures and promote international understanding and have fun and make new friends from around the world.

Interact organizes at least two projects every year: one that helps the school or community and one that promotes international understanding. We are having interactive online meetings and engaging old and new members through social media this year.  We’re more focused than ever on helping out in the community through food drives, clothing drives and more. Interact is a great way to get volunteer experience and make an involved impact.” – Iman, President of Interact


“The GSA staff advisors have created a new website in order to share educational resources and information related to gender, sexuality and healthy relationships with our school community.

Our school is committed to supporting our 2SLGBTQIA+ students, families and staff by providing education and resources that support critical thinking and action to transform conditions that enable harm. We also aim to foster a caring and respectful environment, both in person and online.

Students can fill out the form to join our GSA by clicking the “get involved” button at the bottom of the home page. Allies are always welcome!

Check out our posts and resources and participate in creating more equitable and inclusive spaces at Richview!” – Ms Romano, staff advisor of GSA

Richview Mental Health Club

“The Mental Health Club is a club at Richview that focuses on improving the student’s emotional well-being and creating awareness regarding the stigma towards mental health issues. It is our goal this year to run many events both virtually and in-person that will help the students here at Richview have a safe and positive school year! Our Mental Health is very important, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, as it has caused a lot of strain on the well-being of our students.

We typically run many events throughout the year, such as Green Tea Giveaways, Yoga Sessions, Bell Let’s Talk Day, and our biggest event of the year, Mental Health Awareness Week. However, with the pandemic, this year is going to look a bit different. Most of our club meetings and events will likely be virtual, but we can still make an impact. New members are always welcome so feel free to reach out to either Christina Franco or our Teacher Supervisor Ms.Dougherty if you are interested in joining. Check out our Instagram @richview.mentalhealth.” – Christina the executive of RCI Mental Health Club

The Richview Voice 

The Richview voice is the school newspaper. In the past, Richview Voice members have printed papers and handed them out to students, however because of the pandemic we have not had the opportunity to do that.  We make sure to report on school events like the school council elections, events held by other clubs, and supporting the school’s many athletes and sports teams.

Currently we publish 4 articles a week and are preparing for the fall showcase. Richview Voice appreciates all types of work like poems and artwork, we encourage members of the club to write about whatever they want. Our club has always had an online presence, so we are continuing to publish articles online and holding online meetings instead and communicating through google classrooms. We are always looking to expand our club, so if you are interested, please contact us @richviewvoice on Instagram.