A Guide to Surviving the Quadmester

We’ve asked both the readers and contributors of The Richview Voice for their best tips to surviving the quadmester. Here were their responses:

Study Tips

  1. A studying tip is filming yourself studying using your phone so you don’t get distracted by it. – Salma
  2. When you get assigned the test finish your notes that day and study them everyday till the test. – Amnah
  3. Move any distractions to a different room while studying. – Natalie
  4. Pomodoro studying technique. – Zora
  5. I highly recommend study snacks. Remember to schedule time for breaks or to do hobbies you enjoy. – Christina

Time Management

  1. Manage your time wisely and understand that if completed earlier you won’t feel stressed. Stay motivated! – Nawang
  2. Make yourself a schedule a week ahead and prioritize the most important things which you should be spending more time on. – Kira 
  3. What works best for me is to write all of my assignments and tests down in order of what I must complete first and organize my time to figure out when I will complete each task. – Rachel 
  4. One of my tips is to write down all your assignments and plan your days accordingly. – Sophie
  5. Best tip would be trying to prioritize your work. I know a lot of people who don’t do that, and they start to fall behind even though they only have 2 classes. – Kasie

Making Lists

  1. I make checklists to help me feel motivated as I love checking things off. – Andrea
  2. Make a list and cross things off! Make your goals specific (what day they’ll be achieved by, what you’ll do to get there, etc). – Zora
  3. Make a daily list rather than a weekly one. It makes it less stressful and more achievable. – Shabahat-Noor
  4. Make a to-do list everyday. – Meg


  1. I also use “flora”, an app where you grow plants during the time you’re off your phone. –  Zora