Met You On The Bus

By Shelley Debartolo Campos

Tired from my bittersweet typical day 

The computers bright brightness 

Slays my eyes into frightness

As the clock strikes 12:30 PM

The world tugs at my patience and my life is a series of trials and tests,

After waiting forever in muddy football cleats for the 32B to arrive,

I noticed her differently

I saw her differently

Compared to other days

It made my neck crick to see her head against the back of another seat,

Drifted out of consciousness, her body unknowingly laxed,

Head resting upon the shoulder

Of another passenger

Her dark, thick, kinky hair piled at the top of her head,

A faint splash of freckles,

I blushed at myself, I’d like to tell her the nickname I think suits her:

Her astonished brown skin smoothed over with a layer of concealer,

At the glance of the corner of my eye,

She rubbed her eyes.

‘’I fell asleep again, didn’t I?’’

She was surprised to see my familiar set of brown eyes,

‘’Don’t let her go!’’ My mind thought

She was about to turn away, off the bus

  Then felt a small tug on the cuff of her jacket sleeve

From me… The shoulder she sleeps on.