Ask Angel – Last Minute Shopping

Malls are closed, I still don’t know what I want to get my family and friends for Christmas. Help! – Last-minute shopper

Dear Last-Minute Shopper, 

Happy Holidays! 

This year has brought great adversity upon us in many ways, most recently, this lockdown. Among many things, this affects how we will buy our loved ones gifts for the holidays. To successfully give a gift, you must think of a person’s wants, needs, and something you believe would be perfect for them. With mainly online shopping options available, browsing for gifts has become more difficult as selections have become reduced. Thankfully, we have a few options to ease this seasonal process. You can think of your friends’ or family’s interests and go from there, online shop at your favourite stores, or use Amazon’s gift guide. 

When buying a person close to you a gift, you should think back to your conversations and what they bring up often. For example, if they talk a lot about their favourite artist, try to find things on Amazon that have to do with them. There are a variety of options and a wide price range for these types of items, including mugs, stickers, blankets, and phone cases. This could also apply to a favourite show, movie, actor/actress, game, athlete, or team. Getting your friend or family member something specific to them will make them feel loved and appreciated, as they know that you care about their interests. 

You could also try to think back to conversations in which they said things that they needed. Often people will casually say items they need or want, which they probably will not get for themselves. Practical gifts are most often put into use and are valued for longer periods of time. Pay careful attention to what your friends and family need!

Many stores that you would usually visit at the mall have an online store that might have curbside pickup or delivery straight to your home. This can be very convenient for you, and although you may not be able to browse the stores in real life, scrolling through the website should allow you to see the majority, if not all of the store’s products. Be mindful of the time it will take for a present to come, and check that it will arrive before Christmas.

Amazon has eased the stress of shopping online, as they have very fast shipping options and a great gift guide. There are specific gift guides for electronics, fashion, beauty, and home. They also have holiday deals that may mark down popular products, as well as ways to support small businesses. Amazon is a surefire way to be at ease that your gift will come in on time. 

This holiday season may be a peculiar one, however, you can still give thoughtful gifts that will be sure to make your family and friends feel cherished. Thinking of your family and friends’ interests, wants, and needs are great ways to begin your search for a gift, and finding them on Amazon or on other online stores is perfect for this year’s lockdown.