Ask Angel – Seasonal Sadness

I always get sad in the winter especially when I can’t see anyone. How do I stay energized and happy during the next few months? – S.A.D.

Dear S.A.D,

Getting sad in the winter is actually quite common so you shouldn’t feel alone! Winter itself can bring sadness with its constant dark days, and combined with these unprecedented times, it’s sure to bring feelings of loneliness. What’s key to understand, is that this is completely normal and maybe even related to SAD (seasonal affective disorder), meaning seasons directly affect your mood. Staying energized throughout the season is all about keeping a positive mindset and keeping busy! Remember that a time will come when you and your friends shall reunite! 

As winter progresses, there will come days you feel unmotivated. Unmotivated to get out of bed, to eat your breakfast or even to do anything at all. Once in a while everyone needs a lazy day and you shouldn’t feel bad about that! But if you catch yourself in a routine of lazy and unmotivated days it’ll be harder for you to accomplish anything productive. You need to find hobbies and find people to talk to! Remembering that if the sun comes out everyday, you can too!

Finding new hobbies is all about experimentation. You can research things that interest you and find ways you can participate. Trying out many new things can be just as fun as when you find your true passion. Finding a hobby you enjoy is as easy as thinking about your current interests. Take a minute to think of all the things you find intriguing or interesting, maybe things you are curious to learn more about. Compare them and then look for similarities and differences in your interests. The last step is to hit the internet! Search for leisure activities related to your interests. For example, say you love the outdoors, you enjoy physical activities, and you like the pretty snow winter brings. You could try cross country skiing! Unlike downhill skiing this is something you could do in your backyard, or a park. You could also try snowshoeing! What both these activities have in common is they match your interests. There are activities that you might have never thought to try, but now that they are presented in front of you, they seem like something fun to occupy your time. The internet can show you thousands of unique activities you never thought to try, and winter is the perfect time to try them out. 

What’s great about hobbies is there are so many. Everyone has a hobby, you just might have not discovered it yet. Winter’s long days are the perfect opportunity to discover yours! Hobbies are something that don’t have to be done alone. Covid and the winter times are sure to put a strain on some friendships but there are ways around this! You and your friends just have to bring an online presence to your friendship. Facetime is the perfect example! Personally, I love Facetime. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Facetime is a video-calling app that lets you connect with multiple people and talk. If you’re unable to see your friends in person, Facetime is the next best thing. Whether it’s checking in with your friends once a day, or Facetime-ing for hours, it will remind you that you are not alone during these times. Your friends are still your friends whether you can see them or not. Communicating with friends and family members will help brighten your days and give you something to look forward to. 

Your attitude and mindset play the biggest role in leading happy, productive days. You must keep a positive mindset in your life in order to feel motivated. If you wake up believing that your day will suck, then your day will suck. Remember you are in control of your own life, so if you are filled with boredom, find something to do. You must remind yourself that winter lasts only a few months, and that soon enough bright days will return. Find ways to get through this season and it will be over sooner than you know it! 

Getting sad in the winter is a common occurrence for people, so you shouldn’t feel alone. You must remember that winter lasts just a few months and will be over sooner than you know. Staying energized and happy throughout the season is all up to how you look at it. Winter days are long and dark, but think of all the time you have to discover your interests or go on Netflix Party with friends. You might feel alone or upset that you can not see friends, but don’t let those thoughts take over your mind. You can always find new ways to connect with your friends, trust me, there are plenty. If I could give you one piece of advice to remember it would be: wake up every morning feeling motivated. As you lay in bed think of all the things you want to accomplish that day and hopefully you’ll be left motivated knowing what you need to do for the day.