YIC Kahoot Night

By Mona Urata

On Friday, March 15th, Youth in Control hosted a Kahoot game night after school via Zoom. 

Youth in Control is the host of the annual M.A.D.D. assembly, as well as a yearly attendee of the Sunnybrook party program. In past years, Youth in Control has held impaired goggle workshops that mimic the eyesight of someone who is under the influence, as well as fundraisers such as bake sales. 

This year in place of the usual events, a Kahoot was held. Contestants were required to answer questions about mental health, substance abuse, and Covid-19. After each question, a member of Youth in Control explained the correct response, educating contestants.

The winner of the Kahoot was able to take home a 20 dollar gift card of their choice. This year, Eugene Cho came in first place, answering 17 out of 24 questions, followed by Stephanie Li in second place, and Margaret Petrova in third. 

We spoke to Zora Zheng, the president of Youth in Control,

“This Kahoot was created as a fun event to help educate and share facts to our students about substance abuse, Covid-19, and mental health! We want students to be as safe and healthy as possible during these times, and it never hurts to learn more! We also hope that through this event – and future events – we can reach more students who are interested in joining.” 

If you are interested in hosting next year’s M.A.D.D assembly, or events like these, follow them on Instagram at @rci.yic and send a DM. Meetings take place every Tuesday from 3:30 – 4:00. Watch out for them on the announcement every Friday educating students on various topics about personal safety.