Tell Us What You Are Most Excited To Do When The Pandemic Ends

We asked some of our readers to tell us what they are most excited to do once the pandemic ends. Here is what they said:

Smart” cockpit could help prevent plane crashes | 2018-05-04 | ISHN


Submitted by Dechen

I Go to Concerts Alone & Here Are 5 Reasons Why I Think You Should Try It  too | by Alex Walling | Alex Walling | Medium

Go to a concert

Submitted by Alaysha

Seeing family I haven’t been able to see and hugging people again

Submitted by Natalie

2,723,444 Party Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Go to a party

Submitted by Andrea

Four friends watching a sunset together by Jovo Jovanovic - Stocksy United

Seeing friends

Submitted by Shabahat-Noor

Going to restaurants again

Submitted by Mona

Sydney on Instagram: “[coffee shop aesthetic] // bittersweet aroma of coffee  b... - #Aesthetic #aroma #bittersw… | Study inspiration, Study hard, Study  organization

Studying in coffee shops

Submitted by Christina