Review: Superman and Lois

By Kasie Tran

Superman and Lois is a new 2021-2022 tv series. Despite being from Krypton, Superman is certainly no stranger to this world! There are over 50 movies and tv shows that portray this classic and timeless superhero. So, what makes the new tv series Superman and Lois different from all the other movies and tv shows that have already told their story?

As some of you may know, Superman is based on the DC comic character, Clark Kent, a reporter at the Daily Planet whose superhero alter-ego is Superman. His first appearance was in Action Comics, no. 1, originally released in 1938. Often considered the most powerful superhero, Superman’s powers include super strength, super speed, flight, invulnerability, heat vision, freeze breath, x-ray vision, superhuman hearing, and a healing factor (for himself, not others). He quickly became popular and is now well-known across the world.

As a quick background, the show’s creators are Greg Berlanti and Todd Helbing. Greg Berlanti’s other work includes the CW’s Arrow, The Flash, Love, Simon and Green Lantern. Todd Helbing is known for The Flash, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, and Spartacus. The show stars Tyler Hoechiln (Teen Wolf’s Derek Hale) as Superman/Clark Kent and Elizabeth Tulloch (Juliette Silverton/Eve in Grimm) as Lois Lane. They are all crazy talented and I am so excited to see how they continue to tell the story of Superman and Lois. 

Superman and Lois is a really good show, and what makes it so good is not only the plotline but also the fact that something like it has never been done before. There are a bunch of companies that have already made movies and TV shows to represent the Superman franchise, for example, Man of Steel, Superman Returns, and Superman. There are plenty of cartoons based on him as well, but Superman and Lois is unique in its own way.

I’m not gonna lie to you, when Superman and Lois was first announced I didn’t have very high hopes. I thought, “What could they possibly make this show about?” Thankfully, though, it did not disappoint.

Just a heads up, if you’re one of those people who hate spoilers then I’d advise you to stop reading, although I will be doing my best to stick to details in the trailer there will be some unavoidable spoilers I mention. 


The show follows the story of Superman (Clark Kent) and his wife Lois Lane, a reporter at the Daily Planet. They have twin teenage boys, Jonathan and Jordan Kent, who live in Metropolis and still don’t know their father’s biggest secret. After losing his parents, Clark decides to move his family back to Smallville where he believes his family will get the fresh start they really need. The boys end up finding out their dad is Superman, and obviously furious, they lash out causing Clark to question if he’s being a good father. The show is primarily about him finding the balance between being a good father, a loving husband, and the world’s greatest superhero. 

Jonathan and Jordan Kent

I thought the show, well the first episode, was really amazing because it started to tell a story that we’ve never really heard before. We’ve heard all the stories about how Superman falls in love with Lois, how Superman dies, how he is essentially born, but we’ve never seen Superman as a dad and someone who’s struggling with two teenage boys. As well, because of his alien background, he is rightfully afraid that one of his kids will develop the powers that he has. That makes for an interesting story because you can’t help but wonder what their lives would be like if they did have powers, but also if one of them had powers and the other didn’t.

Another thing I absolutely love is Superman’s new superhero suit. It’s awesome looking at the fabric and the details, and the way that they designed it and did the stitching is just so cool that it makes it look alien-like. In the first episode, during the opening scene we do see Superman’s old uniform (the one that his mom made for him) and it’s amazing to see how the suits have changed over time. 

The first suit made by his mother
The suit that was used in other CW shows such as Supergirl, Flash and Arrow
Current/New suit

I also love how the show tackles very real life problems like anxiety and being unemployed. Mental health is very important, sometimes more important than your physical health, so it’s great that the show touches on it, and does it well. It shows that anyone can suffer mental health issues: the kids with an amazing family and the kids who don’t have such a great home life. In the first episode, where Jonathan and Jordan discover that their father is Superman, they have an argument where Jordan blames Clark for him having social anxiety and being on pills. Lois said that who his father is has nothing to do with his mental health. The show did a really good job in showing what it’s like to suffer from mental health issues.

Overall the show is good and getting better with every episode. Right now, I can’t really find anything big that I would change about it. There are a few plot holes but the only reason I notice them is because I’m a fan of the other shows in Superman’s Universe, for example Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Batwoman

I would recommend this show to anyone who’s a fan of superheroes, and especially DC fans. Superman has been remade many times and he is no stranger to our world. What is really strange and unique is seeing him as a dad. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs, and it is a really cool really fun way to represent what life would be like if you had two of the biggest jobs in the world: being a parent, and being the world’s most important hero.

In my opinion, this show deserves a four out of five-star rating. The reason why I’m only giving it 4 stars is because I have only seen four episodes out of the 15 that are going to be released. I don’t doubt that this show will be amazing and I am so excited to see what the show’s creators will do with this classic hero. Join me in watching the new episodes, storylines, characters, to see something new!