Ask Angel – Friendship Farewells Pt. 2

“I keep thinking about how my friends and I might drift apart when we go off to university. It kind of scares me. What do I do?”

Change is a funny thing. Despite being something non-stop, there are two constants about it; it’s scary and hard, but most of all, it’s always happening. Going off to university is a big change; there is no doubt about it, and you are entitled to be afraid of losing some friends during that transition. 

There are multiple things that you can do in this situation, you can figure out who your real friends are, make plans with your friends to meet up in a year or so at a specific spot and time, somewhere you guys have had your best days. You shouldn’t worry so much about it, because of COVID-19 you are tested to see who your real friends are regardless. Ultimately, enjoy it; there are plenty more memories you can still make with them. 

Friends can be really easy to make. All you really need to do is smile, be kind, and spend time with them. Most times it’s very easy to become fast friends. Finding out if they are your fake friends is the challenge. Another word for all of that is family, there is the family that you are born into and the family that you chose. If you chose to include your friends in your family, then that is up to you. Those people that you consider family will never truly be gone from your life. 

A fun way to make sure you and your friends get to see each other again is by making plans to meet up at a certain time and place. For example, if your best memories with each other are at school, make a plan to get together at school. You can do the activities, catch up and just have fun like you used to. Activities and adventure are a great way to stay connected especially if you all love it. If not I’m sure you will find activities that will either help make new memories together or let you reminisce about that past. You can even make it a yearly thing and remind yourself that even though things have changed since you were in high school, you all still have each other. 

As I said before, COVID-19 has presented itself as a sort of test. Friends have gotten more distant with each other, while others might have gotten closer. If you were able to handle not seeing your friends for a couple of months while still needing to study, then what’s the difference if it’s university? I think the only difference would be where you lived, and if you are truly friends then a little distance won’t stop you, even if it’s a couple of hours or a plane ride away. 

Honestly, the most important thing you could do is stop worrying and have fun. Enjoy the time you guys have left. University is still a couple of months away, but if you don’t stop worrying and enjoy you have the time left, you’ll regret it, especially if you end up drifting apart from them. Memories with friends, especially the friends that you love, are the best reminders of our past. We’re all growing up so fast it can even hurt to have a few reminders. 

No matter where you go, or how much you grow up, it is up to you to maintain the friends you want to keep in your life. You can find fun and creative ways to stay connected with each other. Take advantage of the situation we’re in; you can spend the next couple of months worrying about who you’re gonna lose as friends when you should really be enjoying the time left because I can almost guarantee that it’s not gonna be the last time. 

I hoped this helped you,