The Big Picture

By Diya Saha

During quarantine I have been thinking a lot- I mean I always think about everything, but it’s just that I have been thinking more about myself. I’ve been thinking about how we as humans tend to overthink everything at that very moment.

Take this situation for example. Have you ever had a time where you had a test or a project, and you thought you would do good… but you didn’t?  That moment when you received your mark back, you probably felt down and dejected. All that effort that went in, and didn’t really yield anything. But think about that test now, perhaps a couple days or weeks later. Do you remember how you were feeling? Maybe you do remember how it felt yesterday, but will you remember how it felt a week from now? If I told you at that moment like before your test, or while you were frantically doing research for the project that “Hey, take a deep breath and relax. It doesn’t matter as much as you think it does”- would you believe me? I mean yes things like tests and final project- any projects honestly are so very important, but have you ever stepped back and thought about the big picture? 

When I talk about the big picture, I mean life, you know at the moment when you’re in that highly stressful situation regarding that test or project and you think that if you don’t receive a good mark it’s the end – but it’s really not?

It all comes down to the big picture. Think in five, ten months or even a year will that one test, project, that you did really matter? Speaking from my perspective, in five years I won’t be in this school anymore and I’ll probably be surrounded with different people, places and things. So my point? Just love your life and enjoy the moment you are in; it can be hard, but try to stay calm and enjoy everything you do. I mean just how many times do you experience doing something that makes you stressed out and your heartbeat rapidly? It can be difficult during these times but just enjoy it. In a couple of years you’re going to be finished high school, then maybe completing your bachelor’s and more studies; or maybe no studies, going into the job industry or something different altogether. For every step you take in life, you probably will cry, laugh, scream; but I guess that’s just life.

Next time you do something important- yes it will matter, but loosen up, try to relax and enjoy the process even though it may be difficult. Now everyone will obviously have many different opinions and thoughts about this topic, and that is okay because everyone is different. Thank you for having come to the last paragraph (still reading- hopefully) and I hoped you enjoyed reading this!