58 Things to Appreciate Now and Look Forward to Later

By Ana Downes

It is undeniable that this year has been difficult. Throughout the course of the pandemic, we have been tested on our resilience and our ability to stay optimistic despite bleak circumstances. According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, over 50% of Canadian residents reported worsening mental health since the beginning of the pandemic.

For over a year, we have been constantly bombarded with negative headlines surrounding COVID-19. We have watched as the numbers of people falling ill have skyrocketed, our economy has taken a devastating hit, and virtually every aspect of our lives has been altered significantly. 

It is important to remember, however, that this is temporary. As much as it may feel as though we are stuck in this situation forever, this pandemic will eventually become but a milestone of history and our lives will return to some degree of ‘normalcy’. Until then, we must continue to do our part to prevent transmission, stay safe and very importantly, stay positive and optimistic. Even in the darkest of circumstances, there is always hope. You know what they say – the rainbow always appears after the storm. To veer away from all of the negativity we have been experiencing, I have compiled a list of 58 (seemingly small but significant) things to appreciate now and look forward to when normal life returns – one reason for every week we have spent in quarantine.

  1. The taste of your favourite food 
  1. Seeing gorgeous sunsets and sunrises 
  1. The warmth of a hug 
  1. Feeling a cool breeze after a hot day outside
  1. The rush of excitement when your favourite song starts to play
  1. The authentic laughter that comes out after hearing a great bad pun
  1. The adrenaline from trying something new
  1. The smell of a beautiful flower
  1. Feeling the coziness of your bed after a long day
  1. The excitement of watching your favourite movie 
  1. The bigger excitement of showing someone else your favourite movie 
  1. The thrill of dancing in the rain 
Dancing in the Rain - | - thirdAGE
  1. The view of a beautiful body of water 
  1. Hearing your best friend’s laugh 
  1. Knowing you are the reason for someone’s smile
  1. The feeling of euphoria and insomnia the night before a special day 
  1. The shimmer of fresh snow 
  1. The pleasant stuffiness of a packed concert 
  1. Stargazing and the shimmer of stars
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  1. Getting warm kisses from a pet
  1. The humour of partaking in an inside joke 
  1. The bittersweet feeling of remembering a pleasant memory 
  1. The satisfaction of winning a game 
  1. The smell of freshly baked bread 
  1. Capturing the perfect photo 
  1. The feeling of sand between your toes 
  1. The refreshing smell and warmth of fresh laundry
  1. The contentment of completing something on your to-do list
  1. The taste of hot liquids after a day of cold 
  1. The joy of receiving something in the mail
  1. The delightful tiredness of staying up late with friends 
  1. The smell of a new book 
  1. The pleasure of satisfying a craving
  1. The feeling of satisfaction after an intense workout
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  1. Seeing a beautiful piece of art 
  1. Creating something by hand that turns out nice
  1. Putting on clothes that fit you perfectly 
  1. The sound of rain 
  1. Perfectly toasting a piece of bread 
  1. The longer-lasting brightness of warm summer nights 
  1. The loud cracks of fireworks on a holiday evening 
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  1. The nostalgic memories that come from listening to an old song
  1. The amusement of visiting a cool new place
  1. The sound of crunching leaves as you walk 
  1. Seeing someone you know while out 
  1. The joy of seeing a baby animal of any type 
  1. Hearing the sound of the ice cream truck and the kids running to buy some 
  1. The feeling of forgetting a thought, but remembering it again immediately 
  1. The sound of waves crashing  
Waves, Waterfalls and Our Eventual Return to Gaia - Resilience
  1. The emotional connection you feel to the characters of a new show you’re into 
  1. The adrenaline of feeling the water touch your skin as you jump in a pool or lake 
  1. Seeing a full moon brightening the night sky 
  1. The warmth of sunshine on your face 
  1. The excitement of admiring something that is of common interest with someone else
  1. Hearing the sounds of Christmas music 
  1. The feeling of flushing cheeks after receiving a compliment 
  1. The glow and sounds of a crackling fire 

And finally, the most exciting reason to be happy and to remain optimistic:

  1. The first everything once quarantine is lifted and COVID-19 has passed 😀