Spring Fashion Trends 2021

By Imani King

Sunshine, flowers, and allergy season…it’s finally arrived! At last, the snow has melted and the bitter Canadian winds have eased. Lucky for us, this doesn’t just mean that the weather is evolving, but the fashion world too! No further shall we bury our shorts in our drawers, as the time to be outdoors has finally come! 

In the previous edition of Fashion Trends, we explored the world of plaid and sweatpants. This time around, I’ve once again taken a dive into the online world of fashion, and this time to explore what’s hot and ready for some time in the sun. Today I’ll be listing a few of this spring’s biggest upcoming fashion trends! Before I get started, don’t forget that this guide is only there to help give you an idea of what’s popular. Never forget to be you in your own style! Now let’s roll right into it.

I’m going to start off with a trend that is a personal favourite: button-downs. Canadian springs have a very wide weather scale, as we all know. Monday could be twenty-six degrees Celcius, while the next can be eleven. This makes button-downs such an essential! They provide comfort, succour while exposed to the wind, and of course, a major style upgrade. What makes the items even better, is that they come in such a wide variety of designs and styles. They come with short-sleeves, long-sleeves, patterns, and (the most popular version this year) oversized. A popular way to style it (as seen on various fashion icons, like Bella Hadid) is over a tank and with some jean shorts. If you’re feeling dressy, you can even pair it with a corset top (hold onto that thought!) or some straight-leg pants. So next time you’re scrambling around trying to figure out what to wear, pull out a button-up to elevate your outfit with the freedom to completely make it your own!  

Maddy Quinn pictured above

Next up, we have probably the most exciting trend, colours! Let’s be real. Quarantine has got everyone feeling pretty down lately, and I for one would definitely not be into wearing greys and navys this time around. Well, fortunately, Spring 2021 has other plans! Paris’s 2021 fashion week had a ton of highlights and mind-blowing looks, but a trend that was consistent throughout the whole event was bright colours! Designers and brands like Celine (frequently worn by Hailey Beiber, as seen through Vogue), Raf Simons, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney and so many more were found dressing their models in a ton of light and bright looks! It’s fun, it’s beautiful, it’s simple, and it’s definitely a trend that is quickly spreading across the globe. 

And lastly, one that I’m sure you’re all at least a little familiar with: corset tops. These have been going crazy all over Tik Tok, fashion week, and social media. Now, obviously, corsets were worn more so throughout the 1500s-1800s and over the renaissance era, but they are making a surprising and gorgeous comeback this year! They’ve become incredibly popular incredibly quickly, and they’re being sported everywhere! But why the sudden interstate in a vintage undergarment? Well, because the corset is so very versatile! Dress it up with satin, or down with mom jeans, you can really do whatever you’d like with it. With different colours, patterns, fabrics, etc., you have complete creative power!

And that wraps some of Spring’s hottest fashion trends! From colours to corsets, this season is really all about you! Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, and always remember to dress like no one’s watching! I hope you’ve found this guide helpful, and can’t wait to see what’s next in the world of fashion!