Ask Angel – Vaccination Hesitation

I’m 14 years old and I’m scared to take the vaccine, but I’m also scared that if I don’t I won’t be able to have that full high school experience. What should I do? – Scared of missing out

Hey Scared of missing out, 

I completely understand where you’re coming from- getting the vaccine can be scary, and it’s even scarier to miss out on that high school experience. You have every right to be afraid of taking the vaccine, but have you really thought about why you’re afraid? If not, take a moment to think about it. It helps to make pros and cons lists and debate why you should or shouldn’t do something. 

Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t let that fear control you. I am a grade 10 student at Richview and I have only had half of my high school experience so far, and I can honestly say that I think you should get the vaccine.

Some things that you could be missing out on would be FNL (Friday Night Lights), sport teams, clubs (hint: The Richview Voice), pep-rallies, and Muskoka!

As you probably know, the grade 9s went to Muskoka to make new friends and embrace the motto “Break down walls, build community”. There, they made a bunch of new friends and so many new memories while doing fun winter activities, bonding at night in their cabins, and most of all, dishing about how the food there sucked while eating the ramen they brought from home. 

I’m gonna be honest. Getting the vaccine can hurt a little. The needle will pinch your arm. For 3 to 5 seconds it’ll sting a bit. After that, depending on the person, your arm will be sore for the day and maybe the day after. However, I guarantee that after that you will feel fine, and you will have an appointment booked 3 months from then to get your second dose. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are some stats. During the clinical trial, which had nearly 44,000 participants, the COVID-19 vaccine was proven to be 95% effective after taking the second dose. 2 weeks after taking the first dose you are 70% protected. These are really high numbers, considering how badly COVID-19 has affected everyone. You have the right to be afraid of taking the vaccine. Any questions or concerns you may have can be answered by calling your doctor or looking it up on reliable sources.

I hope that this was helpful to you and I do hope you take the vaccine because high school is so much fun. Plus it would be a real shame if you couldn’t participate in the extracurriculars just because you don’t have the shot, it’s not worth it. 

Lots of love,