What Our Year Will Look Like: A Chat With Richview’s Grade 10 Representative

By Eden Nath

Hello Richview! The student council is looking great this year and with Covid restrictions lifting bit by bit, we might be able to have some great in-person events! I got a chance to speak with this year’s grade 10 representative, Samantha Chin, who gave us some intel on how the student council is looking and what some of their great plans are.

Samantha tells us that last year we didn’t get to do many of Richview’s great traditions and this year they are hoping to do them in person if the Covid restrictions lift. Regarding pep rallies and dances, she says that the restrictions right now are about 25 people max in the gym. This makes it hard to accomplish doing these activities, but they are hoping that with people getting vaccinated at quick rates we may be able to do these events soon. (Get vaccinated, Saints!!!) 

Samantha mentioned that any grade 10s (or even 9s) who have any ideas or opinions on school happenings can come speak with her.

“I’m open to bringing anything to the Student Council that anyone would like to happen this year,” Chin states. She also said that she may run for Vice President or Charity & Fundraising Representative next year, so remember to vote! 

Samantha believes that the student council is looking great this year.

Everyone who is on SAC this year is involved and they want really good things for this school, everyone on it is very friendly and open, they say hi to you and make you feel welcome and like you are a part of something.”

She even let us in on some of the events the student council is planning! Samantha says that they are planning a spirit week before winter break, but not just any ordinary spirit week. You’ll have to wait and see! The SAC is also planning on running “a hot chocolate fundraiser for winter clothing items for people in need” as well as some fun get-to-know-you games. Samantha also reminds us that being vaccinated makes you safer, so it’s a great idea to get the vaccine, especially if you want to participate in extracurriculars. 

Finally, Samantha said that she and the rest of the student council are hoping to have a great year. Last year the student council tried to give us some fun activities but with the strict COVID-19 protocols, not much could be done. But hopefully, this year with our new student council and relaxed protocols, we will be able to experience the real Richview with all the fun events and activities we’ve been looking forward to. Let’s stay safe to have a better year at Richview. Wash your hands, sanitize, social distance and get vaccinated!