Eternals – Movie Review

By Kasie Tran

Eternals is a movie that Marvel fans have been waiting for. After teasing the film for months, Disney finally released it on November 5th, 2021.

Warning: May be spoilers ahead.

Eternals is not a movie meant for the big screen – this is one of the primary reasons that it could be considered a big flop.

As an admitted Marvel fan, I tried so hard to love this movie which proved to be difficult. From the beginning, there were many too different storylines going on. The movie didn’t give the audience enough time to digest the information given to them before throwing new, more confusing information again.

Another issue is that I couldn’t love the characters. I think that is Eternals‘ fatal flaw: it introduced too many characters at once, creating a superhero overload. In contrast, the reason why the first Avengers movie worked so well was that the characters had been separately introduced in previous movies, which had allowed us to learn their mindset and values. For example, the Winter Soldier would be considered a bad guy at first glance, but a lot of fans can sympathize with him because they saw that same character’s story from a different perspective throughout Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We saw the man, Bucky Barnes, behind the mask which made it a lot easier for fans to root for him to change. Because it introduces so many characters to the audience in one movie, Eternals does not have the time for this kind of character development.

All 10 Eternals

The storyline is confusing as well. The plot was poorly developed and written. I would have loved to learn more about why each person made the choices they made or what happened throughout the thousands of years of their existence.  In fact, I left the theatre with more questions than answers. Why was Harry Styles in the movie? And why was he an Eternal???

If Eternals had been structured like a TV show, with forty-minute episodes and smaller plots, they could have used ten episodes to go in-depth with each of the characters and have a two-hour season finale. That’s how so many other shows have pulled off the same premise.

I do have to admit there are positive aspects to the movie, mostly because of its director, Chloe Zhao. She is a great director with has an eye for cinematography. I liked how there was less CGI than other films of the same genre.

As well, despite weak characters and exposition, the casting was great and I love how diverse they are. Angelina Jolie as Thena stood out, especially during her fight scene. She moved beautifully, almost as if she were dancing.

Angelina Jolie as Thena

At the end of the day, Eternals was okay. There were a few positive aspects, but all in all, the bad definitely overshadowed the good.  Marvel has made many great movies – unfortunately, Eternals is not one of them.