Ask Angel – Improving Work Ethic

How can I fix my studying ethic

– materialgorl

Dear materialgorl,

    This is a common question among students, and I don’t blame you for asking. As it’s getting closer and closer to the winter break, teachers are pushing more and more work onto students in order to accomplish everything. This can be difficult for students who don’t have a proper studying schedule or work ethic that meshes with their lifestyle.

     Luckily, studying is universal, and there are many different techniques that work for different people. Before deciding on anything, take a look at your life outside of school. 

    If you are a busy person, take into consideration how much free time you have and how much you need to study. Now within your free time, use about half of that time to study and the other half to relax since mental health plays a big part in your ability to comprehend and absorb school work. If you find yourself with no time for yourself, consider using your lunch or break time during the school day to study, this will leave some time for you to socialize and give your brain a break from overworking. 

   If you see yourself as a less busy person, you have more time to try out new tricks and techniques to help you succeed. Just remember to balance your time in a way that can benefit you.

    1. A common and helpful technique is using flashcards. Writing keywords and their definition on the backside can help and easily build up memorization skills. With flashcards, you can get creative and use pictures or even words that you associate with the topic of your choice. I personally like to use the app Quizlet to make flashcards since it’s free and very easy to use.

 2. Another great technique is called the Blurting method. First, briefly review your notes, then write down everything you remember about this topic on a paper. Then, look over your notes again and write out any missed points. Lastly, write down some questions you believe might be on the test. This technique challenges your learning and helps you revise all at once. Plus, you can use the same paper to keep revising.

    3. This last technique is more for people who simply like to revise their notes. This technique is called the Pomodoro method and focuses on letting your brain process what you have studied. First, you will review for twenty-five minutes and then take a five-minute break. Each of these are referred to as a Pomodoro. Every four Pomodoros, start to expand the time of your break until you’re satisfied with the amount of studying you have done. Each Pomodoro offers twenty-five minutes of study time that helps you get work done in a way that isn’t too long or overwhelming.

    Studying is obviously important but don’t forget that your mental health comes first. If you need to take a break, then take one. Overwhelming yourself can contradict any studying you have done. Try to relax and get comfortable when studying. Grab a pillow, light a candle, play some music or do whatever puts you in your comfort zone. Hopefully, one of these techniques will help your studying and get you through the pre-winter break workload. Best of luck! I know you’ll find the technique for you!

Written with love,